First Post!!! (About Time)

I suppose it’s fitting that today would be my first post. It’s Independence Day and I not only feel independent but renewed as well. The last few days I’ve had a great time with the woman I love; laughing, chatting, and general things which should never see the internet. LOL But being with her just made me want to be better. Not just in my writing, she is an amazing writer after all, but in life. She makes me want to be better in everything I do. So with that in mind I shall start to take my writing and all parts of my writing career more serious. Thus, you shall be pleasantly annoyed with me very shortly.

Today I shall work on Beyond Here and The Orphaned. Not as exciting as going to a barbecue like a normal human being but oh well, It’s A Writer’s Life For Me 😛 Have a writeous day everyone!!


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