Spiderman and Silly Lilies

Went to see Amazing Spiderman with the kiddies yesterday. It was really good, although it was clearly not the Spiderman I grew up with. So I chalk it up to being akin to Brian Singer’s X-men where he made it his own universe, where my initial nerd fanboy instincts were quelled by a great story and superb action. Do i think it was better than Sam Raimi’s vision…that will be determined by the end of the trilogy 🙂

I’m happy to say the creative juice are still flowing on all my stories. I know that Beyond Here will be a trilogy now, just getting it done will be the challenge now. I’m loving the characters and the world, and as i come towards the edge of completion on the first draft of this story I find myself excited for the end. Mmmm…the next story has such darkness to it 🙂 My evil side is working on it’s evil laughter. LOL But I need to still focus and get it done. So bye for now and have a writeous day!!


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