Getting Back In Gear

Not a good week for writing unfortunately. I only managed to get a few pages written in Beyond Here. Not surprising though. I’m getting close to the end; and I’m realizing that whenever I get towards the end of a story I stall and lose focus. It’s surprising that I’ve finished any stories at all. LOL 😀
I must refocus and get this story done. I know I have a problem with completion because I had no issue with writing a bit of The Dream and The Dragon, and The Orphaned. I’ve been happy with both so far….very happy 😀 But I still need to finish Beyond Here. The Chicken House Publishing Contest ends in October but I still need to finish and edit before I submit. Grr. Why can’t writing be easier? LOL
Oh well. Need to get back to writing. So until next time….have a writeous day!!


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