The Dark Knight Raises The Bar




Well I saw The Dark Knight Rises on Sunday, and I’m still buzzing from it. Wow! What an incredible film and satisfactory conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. I really want to see it again, but we’ll see how that pans out. I love how he wasn’t afraid to make such iconic characters his own. Changing their origins and their worlds in a way that could seep into their comic counterpart and alter them forever, much like Heath Ledger’s portayal of the Joker did. It’s a film like this that makes me want to write more, with more passion, more soul. Perhaps since I was raised more on movies and TV this is more relevant. Most writers learned from reading the best and most commercial books growing up. outside of Dr. Seuss I didn’t have that same option. Filmmakers like young James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, and George Lucas exposed me to writing and storytelling. That’s the type of story I want to tell. One of imagination, memorable characters and world. 

Nolan, Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and J.J. Abrams seem to have that same way about them. So full of imagination and the ability to execute their vision. I’m thankful these guys as well as some others like Pixar and Zach Synder who are willing to tell great stories. It shows me there’s still room for visionaries although the publishing world appears full of copycats.

So press on you slayers in training. The world is still waiting for you and your awesome gift of slayage 🙂 Until next time have a writeous day!!


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