Round Two….FIGHT!!

Yesterday I sent out some more queries for my bedtime story Plan 100. It’s been awhile since I did the first round. First time I received one rejection letter and numerous no replies. The no responses hurt more than the rejection letter. Mostly because to give me a rejection letter you had to have taken a moment to at least glance at the query.
I think I allowed that poor reception to gnaw away at my confidence. It even made me consider *gasp* just conforming and writing something everyone else is doing and allowing the creative part of me to die a little. “Perhaps that’s what they want” I wondered. “Maybe then I’ll get a response at least.”
I figure I dwelled on that long enough. Dreams can’t be accomplished by waiting for others to recognize you and your gifts. Dreams are seen through hard work and determination. Took me long enough to figure that out. LOL
Here’s to a renewed sense of writing vengeance and the will to press on. So until next time young inkslayers, have a writeous day!!


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