Responses. Schmonchones and other nonsense

Still no other responses from the queries I sent out. It’s a little depressing having no response at all. Kinda like I’m not even worth the time. That five minutes is too much time to spend on poor little old me. I was about to slump into a bout of depression when I realized that I’m a writer. I will write with or without a contract. With or without applause. It’s just who I am. So I started to laugh about it, and made the decision to keep pressing on. Someday my contract fairy will come, but until I’ll do that fairy’s leg work. 🙂

So with a smile I say my writing has been great of late. The excuses are running out and more production is coming out. I’m moving forward in Beyond Here, Plan 100 and Roman Numerals, The Orphaned, and I even started a to be named project. (certain people will know what that is and are undoubtedly salivating that Nisa may have legs after all) It’s been ages since I’ve written this much. Honestly I feel like a teen again, just letting the words flow and trying to corral them in later. I am their master after all. 

Well let me stop fiddling about here on the net and get back to those wonderful words, they keep calling me. LOL Until next time my friends have a writeous day!!


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