Whew! Been away for awhile but let’s see if I can get back on track 🙂 Writing has been going great as of late. Beyond Here, Plan 100 and Roman Numerals, The Orphaned, and The Nisa Sass wip are all moving along swimmingly even with my slow writing nature.I’m so excited to be within a hair’s breath of finishing Beyond Here. After that is done *boom* on to the second part. Aye aye aye. The life of a writer. LOL

Two things to my knowledge may have fueled this writing resurgence. One, my queen. Her She is my one and only groupie. Her words of encouragement always manage to make me feel invincible. For that I am forever grateful as well as for her undying devotion and love. Two is how much I miss my kids right now. My job saw fit to change my hours to times where I don’t see them but every other weekend. That doesn’t sit right with me or them. It fuels me though because they know writing is what their daddy does. If I were to give up, start moping around, and having a pity party they wouldn’t recognize their father. So I press on for them. Besides, once these stories are released to the world I may have supplemental income and be able to do more for them.

Ugh. Almost time to leave already. The dreaded job beckons me 😛 So until next time, have a writeous day!!


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