Staying on track…sorta

LOL I really have to get more on track with blogging 🙂 Hmmm….What has happened since last we talked? Not much. Still no word on anything sent in. The silence is pushing me to think way more of self-publishing. Problem with that is the cash aspect. No matter who does the illustrations for Plan 100 it’ll be expensive. Grrr. Oh well, it would be worth it. That’s what tax returns are for, right? 😛 As far as Beyond Here goes the end is a couple chapters away. Thank God for that. It’s so exciting to be nearly there. This final battle was a total beast to write, spanning chapters and a horde of characters. It was the toughest thing I ever wrote. Hopefully it will be received well…before edits of course. Speaking of edits Gizzy is chomping at the bits to do an edit for it. She may be my daughter but man can she be brutal 😛

As far as the blog is concerned I’m thinking of reviewing books and comics as I am a nerd. It would bring my posts up and still say who I am. Also I want to do a series of posts on who and what inspires me to write. That should be fun 🙂 Well let me get off of here so I can finish this story soon. So until next time have a writeous day!!


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