On To The Next One

Whoa! It’s been crazy busy everywhere. What’s happened? Survived Hurricane Sandy, the elections are finally over, there was a mini snow storm, I finished Beyond Here (well the first draft), and now my timeline is full of NaNoWriMo quotes, passages and word counts. Me? No, I’m not participating this year. As a naturally tortoise like writer the thought of 50000 words in a month frightens me a bit. I may try next year though.

Maybe. 🙂

But Beyond Here huh? YAAAY! It’s finally done! It only took me *garbled speech* to get it done. It was an instant relief and burden to cross that finish line. I’m ecstatic to have the first part of it done but then I think of the edits, the revisions, the typing (yes I still write longhand), and then starting the next book in the series. The ideas are solidifying thankfully. Hopefully that means it won’t take forever and a day to finish the next one.

I’m still struggling with my time. The day job keeps switching my times at their leisure which is killing my writing time. Oh, I’ve been having fun with gaming-writing. Play a game for five minutes, write till I can’t thing, play for another five, write till there’s a brain fart, so on and so forth. It’s what helped me finish Beyond Here and what has been pushing The Orphaned forward as well. It’s so geeky that video games are helping me write but that is who I am. Nerdy, geeky me.

Picked up the latest Writer’s Market book from the library. Still submitting queries. I can’t wait to query BH although I have been thinking of the self-publishing route more often lately. I know traditional publishing is a better fit for me but self-publishing may even help with that, right?

Well I should go, the job and the muses be calling my name. LOL So until next time have a writeous day my friends!!


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