It’s Been Awhile

Wow, I’ve been pretty bad about this whole blogging thing huh? Sorry about that 🙂 Do you forgive me? Even if you don’t I’ll pretend like you do 😛 Well since last time we spoke there’s still been no word on the queries sent out so I have to assume that means they are a no-go. Oh well. You keep move, move, moving on!
I researched a dozen more agents to submit to for Plan 100. This will be the last push I do for it. After this I’ll self publish it. Truthfully I think if more of the public gets their hands on it the word of mouth will help fuel it. Financially it’ll be an upfront blow to get the illustrations I want in there. I’m looking to get my very talented sis to do it but I want to make sure she’s paid. This will be a job after all. One someone else would charge me more for as well. But I’m stoked to possibly work with her on this. 😀
Still in typing mode for Beyond Here. So glad to have it done. I really need to start focusing on the next installment starting in January. Until then I want to chip away at The Orphaned and The Nisa Sass Project. Both are moving along but not as smoothly as I would have liked. Then again when has a story ever been cooperative? LOL
So for now that’s it until I get on track with doing my own reviews and whatnot. OH! I’m reading a story from my love Minerva Reevera. Trust me, keep an eye out for her 🙂 Incredible! =D Ok now that is it. Until next time, have a writeous day!!


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