Dream, Dream, Dream

On this Martin Luther King Day I’m reminded of a simple fact. Yes, he may have had a dream, a dream that many thought impossible and unattainable, but he didn’t just dream it he went out and got it. He didn’t sit around waiting for the world to change in the manner he sought, he changed it. It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of his words, the passion emanating from his voice, but you can’t lose sight of his actions.

I have dreams, many of my friends do, and I’m sure you do as well. No matter what they may be you have to be brave and courageous enough to see it come to fruition. you have to be willing to stand against the naysayers, conquer your obstacles and fears, and learning to keep marching on when hope fades.

Among my friends, most writers as well, I hear rumblings of giving up. It’s not like I haven’t been there myself. Now I find it heartbreaking for them to speak so negatively of their dreams, of their talents. I don’t know if you are going through anything like this too, if you are please heed my word and carry on. I cannot imagine going through this life with natural gifts and letting them die inside you because of fear. You. Are. Amazing. How do I know? You’re here aren’t you? I can see the embers starting to blaze in your heart. Take that flame and let it burn brighter than it ever had before. Let it show in your work whatever it may be. Let it be the flame that casts out the dark thoughts and the negative voices that tell you that you can’t. You can and you will. So dream my friends. Dream big, and chase those dreams with all that is in you.

Until next time, have a writeous day!!


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