The Dream and the Dragon part one

*I’ve been sharing this in my notes on Facebook. It start as a silly story then quickly spiraled into a crazed epic that I’m pretty proud of. So I figure why not share it here as well. Enjoy!*

“Sing to the dragon and tell it your dream.
But beware its claws when they shimmer and gleam.
Make no mistake, it’s still a beast.
And to say it is ferocious is to say the very least.
But to have your answer its presence you must grace.
Hurry now boy, there is no time to waste.”
That’s what the witch said with the company of a rat.
And on that rat was a peculiar hat.
However there was no time to worry over rodent headwear.
The boy had a destination, and he had to get there.
Without a word the boy climbed his steed
For in his heart there was a need
To make sense of the vision seen by his heart
For that knowledge he’d tear the world apart.
With a quick kick the horse did run
Faster and faster to The Land of the Fallen Sun.
Hours turned to days and days to weeks
Three months later he was where he seeks.
He was tired, thirsty, and he hungered
Yet his heart was strong, against his ribs it thundered.
A mountain stood before him dressed in red and gold.
The strewn skeletons along the ground, a story they told.
A story of countless souls wanting to be a hero
Only to meet and end full of woe.
The boy closed his eyes and ignored the smell.
The horrible stench of his impending hell.
A cave stood before him like a wicked fanged maw.
He crept inside at a beggar’s crawl.
The dark swallowed the light.
His breathing grew shallow and his chest grew tight.
His walk through the cave was one of faith
As his footsteps were blind and the foundation unsafe.
He walked and staggered, praying not to fall.
He pressed and pressed answering his heart’s call.
After a while he saw an orange glow
And he came across a room where molten fire flow.
In the center of the fiery lake that dealt death to all
Sat a very large dragon, curled in a ball.
The dragon was black with glistening scales.
In the boy’s ears he heard the lost hero’s wails.
At his arrival the dragon lifted its eyes.
It stared at the boy who dare come where she lies.
With a horrible growl the beast rose to its feet.
As fearsome as it was, the boy’s heart never missed a beat.
For the boy had a dream that gave him restless nights.
He had to know the meaning no matter the frights.
Along the side of the dragon the boy noticed through singed lashes
Among the scales were numerous scratches.
The wounds were deep, the scars blanched white.
The boy ached at seeing such a sight.
“I hear your song,” said the dragon through the fire.
“I hear it well; now tell me your desire.”
Confusion rest upon the boy’s face
For no words met his tongue to grace.
He shook his head, forgetting his bafflement.
“Dragon, on a heart’s mission I’ve been sent.
I have a dream that I wish I understood.
And I have been told you are the only one who could
Tell me what I wish to know.
For the answer to the ends of the earth I’d go.”
The dragon blew a black plume of smoke.
“Drop your weapon.” The dragon snarled as it spoke.
“I have brought no weapon with me this day.
For you dragon, I do not wish to slay.”
“A tongue can be more deadly than creations of steel
Inflicting wounds I shall forever feel.
I have no intention of hearing men’s lies
For men who will never hear my dragon cries.”
The boy lowered his head sheepishly.
“Dear dragon, a lie you shall never hear from me.
My words are sincere, I mean you no harm.
Please dear dragon, there is no need for alarm.”
The dragon looked away with a face of disgust.
“Tell me your dream, human, if you must.”
The boy didn’t need coaxing to do such a thing.
“To you dear dragon, this dream I bring.
For years my dreams have been haunted by beauty
By a girl who wears a crown with a ruby.
I see her smile, and the world comes alive with color.
I see her, and I need to tell her that I love her.
When I try the words get locked in my throat.
Then the next thing I know, we’re standing on a boat.
Waves are crashing along the ship’s side
And I’m watching her move along the deck with a glide.
Her moved are filled with such grace and prestige
With each footfall, my heart she does siege.
She takes the wheel and spins it wild.
Her laughter is that of a joyous child.
We set in no particular direction
Without fear, cares, or any hesitation.
We laugh, we sing, we dance with glee
All while drifting on the untamed sea.
Where we are headed does not matter.
Our conversation is not bumbling chatter.
We speak of dreams and secret things.
And her eyes remain so dazzling.
I can picture us growing elderly together
No matter what stormy weather.
Our destination is so unclear
But it doesn’t matter as long as she’s near.
When we are united
My heart is flying, I feel so excited.
I could die with her in my arms
And I’m not in love with her physical charms.
Rather the safety of her is what I love best
That draws me in to know her secrets.
I long to comfort her when she’s weak
I yearn to be all she seeks.”
The dragon looked at the boy in confusion and wonder
As the boy’s eyes started to water
The dragon had never seen such hurt and pain
From a human who sought nothing to gain.
The dragon continued to look on with resolve.
“I believe I know the question you wish me to solve.
To know if this girl is truly real.
The one who makes you feel.
To see if there’s truth to your dream
That there is truly someone out there who can gleam
Like a diamond set on high.
One who will tell your heart no lie.”
The boy simply nodded to the dragon’s query
Who eyed him long and leery.
The mighty dragon scraped the ground with a claw
Leaving the dreaming boy in awe
Of its size and downright ferociousness
Still he was determined to leave with no less
Than the truth of his dream girl
The one to him meant the world.
“For you, human, I shall do my best
To put your aching, beating heart at rest.
But the answer you seek comes at a cost
For faith in man is what I have lost.
Prove that you are a man of your word and valor
And to you, your heart’s wish I shall shower.”
At this the boy dropped to his knees.
“Anything you wish, tell me please.”
“To restore my lagging faith in the word of a human
Complete these tasks that I have chosen.
Various deeds of strength and difficulty.
That will show me your heart’s purity.
First go to the Isle of Vandalink
And bring me back a pot of ink.
Once that deed is over and through
I’ll have another task for you.”
With a nod and a bow the young boy set off
With his heart thumping and his spirits aloft
To the Isle of Vandalink he would go
For purity of heart is what he must show
He climbed atop his sturdy steed
Spoke in its ear the direction he’d need
And the horse set off without haste
The sun already hung low; there was no time to waste
They charged forth toward the blazing red sun
And they would not stop until the day was done
As the sun hunkered down beneath the horizon
And its sibling the moon was sleepily arising
They came upon a dock made of rickety wood
With boat a tethered like any dock should
The boy hopped off the horse and found him a skipper
Who was a bit drunk and not nearly as chipper
“What do you want?” asked the man rather dour
His voice was quite husky and his breath a bit sour
“Can’t you see the moon is not even pale
And already I’m full of flagons of ale
I am ready for a night of passionate slumber
For me to travel it would take a high number.”
Now the boy did not have much to his name
But a task he was tasked to complete all the same
“I need your service and your boat,” said the boy
“Right now in fact would bring me such joy
If I had enough money I’d pay it to you
Sadly I do not, this much is true
So I offer you my steed by the name of slick
He is mighty strong and wonderfully quick
I offer him for a ride to and back
He is more than enough for the money I lack.”
The skipper rubbed his beard with stubby, rough fingers
As he eyed the horse with suspicious lingers
Having looked the horse over the skipper was satisfied
“Tell me where we’re headed on this unmerciful tide.”
“I wish to go to the Isle of Vandalink.”
To which the skipper shouted, “What do you think?!
To go to that land of monsters and foul beast
It’ll take an army to survive at the least.”
“I do not plan to die this day
I will survive some kind of way
I have a task I must complete
To know if the girl I wish to meet
Is truly real or fake instead
For that I’d face any dread.”
The skipper scratched at his sea salted hair
“Your funeral boy. See if I care.”
With that the boy and the drunken skipper climbed aboard his ship
And they sailed at a surprisingly good clip
Waves wrestled and tussled along the ship’s side
But the salty skipper tossed back his head with pride
“Do your worst sea because I’ll do my best!
My best to show your fight is a jest!
I am the greatest sailor on the Nine Seas
Make way for me and my ship The Forlorn Misty!”
The boy was surprised by the skipper’s valor
He was sure any sea god would cower
From the mad sea captain’s wild grin
One that said I won’t stop until I win
They charged through the waves never once leery
“Why call your ship The Forlorn Misty?” the boy did query.
The skipper took a moment to scratch at his face
Then craned his head back to gaze into space
He focused on the blackness so up high
“I believe I can tell you the reason why
Long, long ago when I was but a lowly deck hand
Through town there came a small minstrel band
They banged on drums, blew flutes, and shook a tambourine
And low and behold there came the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen
There was a girl who plucked a lute’s string
While from her mouth she started to sing
Never before had I heard such a sound
From that moment I was forever bound
To the girl with the hair woven in gold
Alas I was a poor deckhand and not so bold
She’d never notice someone like me
Not the most beautiful girl in the history of history
I went back to cleaning with a groan and a pout
Until my attention was grasp by a shout
“Young man, did you not care for my song?
Tell me what to fix if I was singing it wrong.”
That’s what she said as she stopped playing
And I couldn’t understand what it was she was saying
I rose from my cleaning lickety split
Leaned over the railing saying “Never have I heard such lovely music
Every note sung and played was on key
Not to mention your stunning beauty.”
I clutched my mouth, not believing what I just said
My face was aflame as it turned a deep shade of red
I wanted to crawl under an assortment of rocks
But the girl just smiled while twirling her golden locks
“You weren’t paying attention,” the girl said with a giggle
“So I thought I was bad.” Then she started to wiggle.
A wiggle that turned into a wonderful dance
I swore her a witch for she had me in a trance
From her movements, her eyes, her elegant grace
Her lips, and her smile upon that lovely face
No music played, she danced to her own song
It didn’t matter that people stared and didn’t follow along
My captain began to yell at me to get back to work
And frankly let me tell ya, I hated that oafish jerk
I took a look at him then back to her
And an incredible thought did just occur
A girl like this comes once in a life
A girl who very well could be my wife
So I threw down my items which I used to clean
Then the land saw something till that day was unseen
I went and I danced with the pretty little miss
Growing bolder by the second I gave her a kiss
And this kiss, boy I say, was sweeter than honey
A memory that can’t be bought with any amount of money
From that day forth we’d never separate
The alluring call of the water would have to wait
For I found a love, pure and true
Who went by the name Misty Sue
I learned to sing and learned to dance
Even learned how to sew fashionable pants
We’d made a paltry bit to spend
But still in the very end
We were happy as a glass of elven punch
As long as we had each other and something to munch
Years went by with me and Misty
And I started to forget the call of the sea
Forgot the waves and their salty crash
The way they felt when they started to splash
That was until one fateful day
My love turned to me to say
“My dear I know you long for the water
So I stored enough away to barter
Enough for me to get
Something that you’ll never regret
I got for you a little boat
Upon which all your dreams will float
You’ll be a great sailor of this I’m sure
I’ve never had this strong of a feeling before
It’s time for you to embrace your gift
Use it to give us a lift
From these days of general malaise
Into a future of wonder and praise
For I love you for now and forever
By your side I’ll be, no matter the weather.”
With a kiss and a smile she brought me to this very craft
One other sailors mocked and laughed
To me it was better than the proudest clipper
It fit the two of us like a slipper
We sailed from Rivendene to Walaslevin
There were days we could have sailed right on to heaven
Just me and my lady upon the high sea
This I thought was how life should be
Until that one horrid fateful day
When my life turned a shade of raincloud grey
We were sailing to the Isle of Wundachard
The waves tossed us about pretty hard
The rain beat against my curled lip
The wind howled and began to whip
I was about to call for her to go below
When the sea gods served a mighty big blow
Misty was gone in the blink of an eye
And the storm did swallow my anguished cry
I searched for several unfruitful weeks
From the lowest wave to its highest peaks
For any sign of my darling Misty
But alas it was not meant to be
I gave myself over to spirit and drink
Enough so that I couldn’t think
About what the sea so wrongfully stole
From its horrid pains and atrocious toll
The water never again brought me joy
And that, that my dear boy…”
The skipper was lost in sorrowful thought
Lower lips quivering and eyes overwrought
The rain meshed with the man’s tears
Ones he had saved for years
At once the boy wondered if it would be best
If they were to abandon their quest
Just as quick as it had begun
The skipper laughed as if his cares were none
Now the boy didn’t know what to believe
He wondered what tricks the skipper had up his sleeve
“What a fool I’ve been,” chuckled the captain
“My ignorance could be a sin
Oh so sad would be my Misty
To see what I have come to be
My life I’ve made a terrible mess
One with woe and undue stress
You are given one life and it is a gift
It’s not about the things you’ve missed
Misty’s life was abundant with joys
Live it well and with a lot of noise
Even with her gone so long
On the sea breeze I hear her song
Keep your horse boy for you’ve given me back
Something I didn’t know I lacked
The confidence to move past the past
And truly know that I am free at last
Adventure still waits on the sea
And by my side will always be my darling Misty
I dear boy am in your debt
Now I do believe you have a task I bet!”
His spirit renewed the skipper set sail
But first he gave a glorious wail
One for all the sea gods to hear
“Forlorn no more, Joyful Misty is here!”
They sailed onward through the pounding rain
Yet a head of speed they still did gain
Till alas their ship was on the brink
Of the shore of the Isle of Vandalink
The boat pulled ashore with a subtle creak
Through the air came a howl that made knees weak
The boy took a gulp long and deep
As he wondered what in the shadows did creep


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