Just Keep Swimming

Hmmm…Super storm Nemo is about to hit the New England area. And while those folks are preparing for that, what am I thinking about? Well I’ve been thinking that I’ve been a scaredy little wuss this year. Yup, big talk, little action.
My original plan was to start querying Plan 100 at the beginning of the year. As January 1st came I said I should wait until after the holidays. Surely no one would be in the offices. As true or false as that may have been it only served to keep the doubt and inactivity snowballing along.
The next week came and I said I was so busy I forgot. The following week ‘oh there was no time.’ After that ‘why not the beginning of February.’ So on and so forth, yadda yadda yadda.
I was letting the fear of trying to sink its claws into me once again. Honestly I thought I had shook off these demons. Apparently not. But thankfully I recognized it before it just inhabited me. Just standing back and claiming to make this my year isn’t enough. You gotta work to make your dreams reality. WORK! Even when it doesn’t seem worthy of your time. Keep on swimming 🙂 *sorry for the Finding Nemo references but super storm Nemo calls for it :P*
So what I’m saying now is this weekend, Saturday to be more specific, I WILL send out a slew of queries. If there is no word by April I will self publish Plan 100. No if, ands, or buts. So if I don’t you dear reader have the right to smack me. LOL
For now I must leave you so I can write, write, write. To all my New England buds stay safe and warm. To the rest have a writeous day!


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