Feeling Presidential…Or At Least Productive

Yes. No need to strike me. I did send out multiple queries for Plan 100! Woot woot! *the crowd roars with passion* So glad I worked up the nerve and sent it out again. Now comes the worst part of the query process: the wait. Grrrr. But the schedule remains if I hear nothing by May I’ll proceed with self publishing it. Somehow I’m more excited about that process. Still I’ll keep plugging away 🙂
Hmmm….What’s going on? Well now we’re in the post-Valentine’s Day of it all. I’m so blessed to have a special woman in my life who shares in my not overly caring about the day. Instead we try to make each day about love. And yet we did gift each other. LOL So what do I give the writer lady of my life? A friggin’ story. It’s something we danced around for over a year, and now we finally started to put something on paper. And she loves it! It’s so great to have the lady you love be your inspiration and your biggest fan 😀 So so great.
The writing all around is going well. The past few weeks I haven’t hit my word count marks. *the crowd hisses* Oh cut it out, I’ll get back on track. For now I’m mostly working on The Orphaned and The Nisa Sass Project. And I’m nearly done The Dream and the Dragon. I’m still very surprised how long this story has gone. What started as a possible tweetatale became this huge epic. Also a lot of fun.
Well the job and the mighty pen calls my name. Sorry folks. *a cry of awwwww arises from the crowd* Calm down, calm down. I’ll be back. Until next time have a writeous day!! 😀


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