The Year of the Writer

Yes, I’m very aware that the Academy Awards are over. The hoopla *or lack of* has died down considerably. But I am still over the moon that Quentin Tarantino came away with an Oscar. For awhile it seemed as though he may end up like Stephen Spielberg, and never get his own golden totem after Pulp Fiction. Then boom! His name is called. I screamed like I actually gave birth to the man myself, and a lackluster award show became the greatest one ever in my eyes.

“It’s such an honor to get it this year because I have to say in both the original and adapted categories, the writing is just fantastic. This will be the writers’ year man!”

When I heard those words I felt proud to be a writer. From the screenplay world he is my idol, my hero. And I proclaimed this to be the year of the writer earlier. Boom! Mind blown…well mine anyway. LOL
So far no news on Plan 100, but I’m moving forward with the rest of my stories in the meantime. The plan still remains that I’ll proceed with self publishing in May 🙂 The word count hasn’t caught up yet. Booooo. Not feeling that, but I must move on. Le sigh.
Oh well, I must go on. I must slay with my sword of metal and ink to slay the dragons with flesh of parchment. So until next time have a writeous day!! =D


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