The Dream and the Dragon part 2

*Decided to post more of TDATD, the epic poem I’ve been sharing on Facebook. Enjoy!*

“Danger lurks in the trees,” said the captain
“So much so I don’t know where to begin
Wolves, giants, and trolls
Wraiths that feed on young boys’ souls
Beasts, I’m sure, you’ve never seen
Ones that will make you cringe and kreen
With that said I wish you luck
And hope you survive you wonderful buck.”
The boy climbed off the docked ship
Realizing he had no weapon, not even a whip
How was he to defend himself
Against assortments of beasts or evil elf?
Still the boy paid this thought no mind
Although he crossed a terrain so unkind
The dragon gave him a task to fulfill
And complete it the eager boy will
For the love of a girl he’d yet to meet
For that he’d somehow avoid defeat
No matter what sort of beastie
He’d make sure he would see victory
The boy idled through the perilous wood
Where shadows conspired to bring him no good
Under the gaze of a moon so pale
There came another wicked wail
One that made the boys nerves unsettle
But he proved he was made of tougher mettle
Through the dark the boy did weave
Around unseen dangers and creeping trees
On a path in need of a lamp
When alas he came upon a sort of camp
With a fire roaring trapped with stones around
Filling the air with a crackling sound
The fire was fed with grass and stick
Above the flame a black pot the flame did lick
What was in that pot did bubble and pop
As the fire did heat the burbling glop
And at the pot the boy did stare
When in walks an ogre from out of nowhere
The ogre flashed a three toothed grin
And that was only one place to begin
Perhaps you could start with its eyes milk white
Or its humongous size sure to give fright
It gave off a stench of rotten meat and fish
To be noseless is what the boy did wish
Worse was its yellow-green skin
And the wisps of hair on his head that were thin
It moved to the pot with its voice like a snore
To bellow a tune never heard before
“Bring me the bones of a slippery serpent
The beaks of crows made to repent
For sins committed long ago
Bring me a wolf that is broken and low
I’ll peel its hide and let it bleed
Toss in a few dragon seed
Mortar and pistil set to grind
Let the stench take over your mind
This is how we make our ink
To write all the evil that we think.”
The boy hung back amongst the trees and brush
To snatch the ink he’d have to rush
Past the ogre’s milky gaze
Then back into the island’s misty haze
The task at hand was rather daunting
Not helping was the air so haunting
A vulture perched on the bubbling brew
As the ogre stirred in a feather or two
The boy was sweating as time passed
Not knowing when the ogre would leave at last
As the boy pondered over his plot
His stomach twisted in a tightly wound knot
The ogre stopped and sniffed at the air
Letting the breeze course through its hair
“I smell, I smell a tasty treat
One that’s made of human meat
All your bones I will grind
Then I’ll feast on the thoughts on your mind
Come to me you tasty dish
Try to run if you wish.”
The ogre stared into the trees
At once the boy got weak in the knees
The ogre lumbered to where the trees were huddled
It was then the boy noticed how muddled
Were the ogre’s eyes
Thinking that he may not meet his demise
For the ogre was plenty blind
But cunning and devious was the beast’s mind
The ogre couldn’t see him that much was true
To draw the boy out the creature would do
Nearly anything at all
And the beast continued to call
“Come out, come out little snack
So I can peel the flesh from your back
You will make a delightful meal
The price for my ink you wish to steal.”
The boy moved silently to the side
While the blind eyes of the ogre spied
At nothing in particular
He did his best not to make a stir
Upon the ground
A stone the boy found
He threw the rock over the creature’s head
The sound it made certainly led
The beast to venture that a-way
Where the boy hoped it would stay
A small dish rested by the hearth
The boy scooped up more than his worth
As the famed ink did slosh in the bowl
He prayed he would not pay a toll
For what he did just swipe
Hoping it would not cost his life
“Come play,” sang the ogre. “Do come play
I’ll make from your flesh a nice filet
Something for my delightful stew
Please come out. Please, please do.”
The boy skulked his way silent as a breeze
Through the copse of trees and fallen leaves
When he thought he was nearly gone
A brittle branch his foot fell upon
The branch gave way with a violent snap
Gaining the ogre’s attention back
“Naughty human played a trick
Come and let me have a lick
Of that salty flesh so pink and soft
Don’t you go running off.”
The boy ran quick as a blink
Still being careful not to spill the precious ink
The ogre was right on the boy’s heel
He ran faster to avoid becoming a meal
Faster and faster, away and away
“Come little morsel! Stay and play!”
The pot was getting heavy in his hands
Ink spilled out with a plop when it lands
For a moment the boy thought he was done
A life over before it had begun
There came a sort of cry
“Come now boy I tell you no lie!”
Cried the skipper under the moon
Who ha d in his hands a long harpoon
“Duck now boy and watch your head
And I’ll make sure that troll is dead.”
The captain threw the harpoon with drunken aim
The boy, he ducked just as it came
The harpoon landed in the ogre’s chest
And ogre came to a sudden rest
It was not dead, rather wounded deeply
“I’ll get you next time you’ll see!”
Growled the ogre as he made his retreat
And the boy kept running with his goal still to meet
Once on the boat he gave it a kiss
He never thought the boat would be something he’d miss
The captain laughed as he seized the wheel
And they set off under his nerves of steel
They went back from whence they came
The lives they knew would never be the same
When at shore the boy found his steed
Before he left the skipper halted him, heart freed
“You’re a fine lad
One better can never be had
Call my name and I’ll be by your side
Of course there will be no cost for the ride
For adventure my heart has a thirst
The gods can go and do their worst
Your love I truly hope you find
So that you can rest your weary mind
Your pal Murray will be here for you
He’ll keep you steady, he’ll see you through.”
The captain concluded with a nod and a bow
Back to the dragon the boy set off now
Slick’s ride was smooth and fast
The boy wished that this may always last
Before the boy knew it he was at the dragon’s den
The one that had been the death of many men
The boy took the ink he successfully stole
Having survived before walking the dragon’s home didn’t carry the same toll
His footing had purpose, a direction, a plan
He entered a boy but he would leave a man
The boy took the ink to where the dragon slept
His feet not making a sound as he crept
The fierce dragon was tightly coiled
As if all day it had toiled
He listened to the dragon’s breathing
Watching its scaly body heaving
Having survived an ogre and a storm
The boy chose to settle for somewhere warm
He’d let the dragon rest for the night
While he slept by the flames so bright
Before he slept he peered through the flame
Seeing the dragon’s scars and wondering how they came
Were they from a war fought long ago
Were they from a beast’s winding blow
Did the dragon clip its side along a mountain
Perhaps a wizard’s spell that’s power was uncontained
Various scenarios ran through his head
But as time went on it was time for bed
He laid down amongst the dust and stone
Yet a chill still rattled him to the bone
The fire was blazing fierce and bold
However he found himself cold
He slept with a shiver all through the night
Awoken, at last, by the soft morning light
From his eyes the boy wiped away his sleep
And the dragon gave a growl low and deep
“You’re back I see
With a chance to leave I’d thought you’d flee.”
The dragon eyed him through the flames
“For the answer to my dream I came
And for that answer I will complete any task
However there is a question I wish to ask.”
The dragon stretched its neck to see
“What is the nature of your query?”
“I have a question I hope I don’t go too far
Can you tell me about your deep scar?”
At the boy’s question the dragon bristled
From its snout a plume of black smoke whistled
It curled its lips in a hideous sneer
For his life the boy did fear
“Never ask me such a thing
You have no idea the pain it brings!”
The dragon growled loud enough to shake the walls
A few startled bats fluttered away from the mighty call
The boy apologized for his jest
Suddenly anxious to begin his quest
The dragon clawed at the ground with its feet
“Alas you have another task to complete
Deep in the valley of Dumadin
Is where your next challenge begins
Amongst the grass and walls of stone
Is parchment fashioned from mermaid bone
Bring this treasure back to me
For one last task is meant to be.”
With a bow the boy ran into the morning sun
A new task yet to be done
He climbed his horse, giving it a kick
In order to reach the valley mighty quick


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