The Dream and the Dragon part three

*Here’s more of The Dream and the Dragon that I’ve been sharing on Facebook. 😀 Enjoy!*

Dumadin was a place of legend
Somewhere where reality begins to bend
Said to be a home of misery and woe
A place where lost souls happen to go
A place where beautiful dreams dig their grave
While nightmares feast upon the mind of the knave
Just as trepidation seized his heart
He came upon the valley where his task would start
Yet for a place of doom he had to admit
That this was a place he would love to sit
And gaze up at the sky in its robin’s egg hue
Soaking in all of this glorious view
The way the light reflected off the stone
There were no words for how that light shone
How it created a spectrum of yellow, blue and green
It was one of the most beautiful sights he had seen
But he shook away the sight and all its glory
For that was not the root of his story
He had a girl who only came when he closed his eyes
And she would be his only prize
A prize worth his beating heart
For a girl who had it from the very start
He demounted Quick and scaled down the slate
Hand over hand, not stopping to hesitate
Soon his feet were on the valley floor
And the world was even more stunning than it had been before
The world was alive with sight and sound
With beauty that was previously unfound
The boy couldn’t help but to smile
Feeling he’d like to stay here awhile
To lay upon the stone and grass
Simply to watch time as it came to pass
To lay and dream of dreamy dreams
When it hit him that this was not what it seems
Something was clouding his heroic mind
Something with a voice seductive and kind
The boy shook his head and the world began to flicker
Revealing a world not so full of glitter
As the world flicked off and on
He saw all of the beauty he had adored was gone
In its place was a world black as pitch
Where evil surely brewed like in the cauldron of a witch
Then the world was back to its original splendor
So rich and brilliant with color
The boy pressed on into the illusionary plain
With the answers to his dreams he wished to gain
He followed along the babbling river
Which sang a song that made him shiver
An inviting song of love and things so merry
And tones laced underneath that were rather scary
The first song was of beauty and passion
While whispering beneath was a song cold like an assassin
It spoke of demise
It spoke of lies
It spoke of dangers unseen
And things that would make nightmare kreen
He willed himself against the fear
For his destiny was surely near
The sun shone down on the valley low
Directing the boy on where to go
Before long the beautiful song of the river
Drowned out the negative titter
Soon he felt his heart take flight
As the light of day transformed to night
The moon hung precariously high
Perched on its throne in the twilight sky
Its light rested upon a slab of stone
Upon which sat parchment fashioned from mermaid bone
Its skin shone like the moon above
Whiter than the feathers of a pristine dove
As the boy approached with great care
There came a song riding the air
“Boy, boy make a wish
Only granted by my kiss
My lips are soft like butterflies
Thought to be quite a prize
Many men seek my lips and the wishes they grant
And my body that makes them pant
Many love me, this is true
But it’s you I desire, truly I do.”
The boy’s mind was oh so foggy
Suddenly finding himself very groggy
The song continued inside his ear
And from the water a lady did appear
A lady of beauty and hair red like crackling fire
Alabaster skin and a seductive walk to fill him with desire
She was a vision of lust and loveliness
One that washed away his fear and stress
Struck by her beauty he was under a spell
But deep in his heart he knew all was not well
She strode upon the water with such grace
And a come hither grin upon her face
He stood there sentinel, firm and rooted
The world around him became stale and muted
Her cherry lips moved as she sang her song
The boy wondered if his heart was truly wrong
His brow began to sweat and his heart did pound
As her feet landed on solid ground
She smelled of fallen rain and fresh plum
His body suddenly felt quite numb
“Stay here with me in the this bliss
All it will cost is just one kiss
I can read your heart so well
Even more if you stay here a spell.”
Her words continued to dance in his ear
All the more as she drew near
He heard the beautiful woman’s hair crackle
But deep inside he began to grapple
Clinging tight to thoughts of the girl from his dreams
And the knowledge that this couldn’t be what it seems
He thought of his dream girl’s brilliant smile
It cleared his mind’s fog and brought him to his senses for awhile
The boy shook the cobwebs from out of his head
And what he saw filled him with dread
The beautiful woman who had stood before him
Became a visage of something rather grim
Her lovely skin was now an ugly grey
And gone was her seductive sway
Replaced now with a garish stroll
An exposed ribcage to show its soul
Fierce yellow eyes peered at his head
And the boy knew she was quite undead
A long ago siren birthed from the sea
Whom it seemed a spirit at rest was not meant to be
Wandering the earth to collect the living
And the nightmares it was always giving
Then suddenly all was right as rain
Making the boy feel as though he’d gone insane
She continued toward him with her lips pursed
And the boy knew he’d surely be cursed
If her lips were to meet his own
He’d wind up broken, diminished and alone
The boy staggered back in horrible fear
“Back foul witch, do not come near!
I have a task that I must see through
And that task does not involve you
So be gone you horrid monster
Go back from where you were!”
The siren bellowed a cackle quite high
“I suppose there’s no reason to keep up this disguise.”
With that said the transformation did begin
Changing into the horrid monster within
“You pitiful fool!”
Crowed the withered ghoul
“Upon your soul I will feast
Until your beating heart has ceased
Then you shall fall in love with me
Only then can we truly be
Together until time ends
No matter what trouble this life sends.”
She crept closer, closer, and closer still
The boy gathered up enough of his will
To rise up from the ground on unsteady feet
And to the water make a hasty retreat
His legs drifted in the rushing pool
The feel of the water was fiercely cool
He turned to face his attacker with a shiver
Fear seized his heart and his lips did quiver
The siren cackled at this folly
“Boy, is this how you plan to best me?
I come from the water so beautiful and calm
It is there that I shall come to no harm.”
She approached the water, no hesitation or fear
The boy retreated further as she drew near
Soon the water was under his chin
When she was moments away did he duck completely in
She gazed down at him, sure of his demise
When she let loose a gasp of tortured surprise
A cry which could make mortar crack
Or scare the hair off a yeti’s back
Her reflection stared back at her, ugly as sin
Showing who she really was deep down within
A sight she’d never seen before
One to haunt her forever more
She tore at her flesh with monstrous claw
Until there was nothing left at all
The horrid siren who had caused such fear
Done in by no more than a mirror
The boy rose from the water gasping for air
So glad the parchment was still there
The moon hunkered downward after a long hard night
Replaced slowly by the warm rays of sunlight
He picked up the treasure and held it tight
Feeling deep inside it had been worth the fight
He rolled the parchment and tucked it at his side
Before he climbed the rocky wall to reach his loyal ride
After scaling the wall, his feet on natural ground
The boy was dismayed at what he found
His energy had been mightily sapped
All around the world grew black and he collapsed
Time disappeared in fog and in dark
Everything went cold as his soul did embark
Away from his body so cold and battered
To find a place where it once again mattered
Later or sooner the boy did not know
The boy awoke to a tangerine glow
Flames of yellow and orange licked at his cheek
He sat up slowly feeling dizzy and weak
In his ear he heard a cricket choir
And the snores of his horse who rested by the fire
The boy leaned against a stone to gaze at the moon
Knowing in his heart he’d have to move soon
To get back to the dragon who awaited his return
And the girl in the dream who’s existence he would learn
As he sat there in a woozy state
The witch from before sidled up with a plate
A plate ripe with berries and bread
The wondrous aroma went straight to his head
She placed the humble plate at his side
On her face she beamed with pride
“Take, eat, you silly boy
You must be famished so please enjoy.”
Said the witch as she placed herself on a log
The boy sat up with his head full of fog
He tentatively took a berry at hand
Had himself a taste and found it quite grand
An explosion of flavor came in a quick burst
That trampled his taste buds and the wounds he nursed
The witch gave a look to say that she was pleased
A look that happened to make the boy’s heart eased
The witch was not like the stories long told
She was not warty, hunchbacked, and old
Her hair was full, lavish and black
And there assuredly was no hump on her back
She was pretty, radiant, and bright
When she smiled she gave off a light
The witch stretched out her hand to the blaze
While resting under the starry gaze
The boy took another flavorful bite
“How did I wind up here this night?”
The witch fixed him with witchy eyes
“Your steed brought you to me to my great surprise
In the woods I foraged for flowers
Ones kissed by meteor showers
When along the path came your steed with a sway
Dragging you with its mouth till it let go with a neigh
I rushed to your side to truly see your state
And asked of the horse how this became your fate.”
The boy had to stop her at that last word
“You asked of my horse? Ma’am that’s absurd.”
The witch did not laugh at the question on his lip
“Boy, have you not seen wonders on this very trip?
Did you not see a dragon, bold and colossal?
Did you narrowly escape becoming an ogre’s morsel?
Did you survive your encounter with the siren of the river?
And now your horse to me was you he did deliver
Yes your steed speaks in a language you can’t understand
But know he is faithful, a quality brand
He told me of the great feats you had done
He told me of deeds others would count as none
Your horse told me how you give him shelter in the beating rain
How you make sure he is never in pain
How you’ll give your last apple when your sack is low
How you’ll fix a fire to keep him warm in the snow
He told me how you had a chance to pick a horse of better stock
Instead you chose the horse the children did mock
Because he was too thin, and slow, some thinking he was not right in the head
To his original owner he was more valuable dead
And yet you took a chance believing he could do
Anything at all although he reminded you of you
Thin, weak, hardly longed for this world
And yet here you are when the stories unfurled
Magic and wonders exist all around
Open your eyes and you’ll see what’s unfound.”
The boy had to admit this was true
Many adventures seemed to come from the out of the blue
In the name of love he did long
For the girl who knew his heart song
The boy apologized for questioning the witch
To which she smiled and gave her nose twitch
He sat upright and scratched his hair
“Tell me which, why do you care
About the fate of a lovesick boy
And what’s on his heart and brings him joy?”
When the question hit her ear the witch smiled sly
“This boy I tell you is no lie
I believe in love, simple as that
I swear there is nothing under my hat
True love is beautiful and really quite strong
So whenever possible I want to help it along.”
To that she giggled like a young kid
It suddenly if felt like a weight on his eyelid
The Sandman danced with the boy soul
The weight of his adventures taking its toll
The witch’s laugh invaded his sleep
Knowing something devious was planned way down deep
The boy was awakened by the whip of the steed’s tail
Finding himself back on the trail
Back to the cave of the dragons lair
Home to where many knight with not dare
To tread that ground on their on their armored feet
Knowing deep down they’d meet defeat
And here he was going back again
Oh so ready for his next task to begin
Yet as much as he wished to meet his dream girl
And thoughts of her on his mind to dance and twirl
He was happy to see the feared fire breather
He didn’t fear its tasks or itself either client
The boy wished to learn more about the beast
About its scars at the very least
Something about this dragon was very compelling
In his heart it was all overwhelming
For now though he sat up on his horse
Bobbing along as they stayed on the course
The boy gave Quick a brush of his mane
Thankful for such loyalty as they crossed the plain
Before long they arrived back at the cave
As a signal a wild neigh the horse gave

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