Eat Your Heart Out Charlie Kaufman…Not Really

Hi guys! Been awhile since I had a post about the going ons of , well, me. LOL Hmmm….What has been going on? Honestly nothing. Still waiting on word on Plan 100. As I wait I’ve been writing The Nisa Sass Project and The Orphaned. Been making good headway on both which has been fun and oh so cool. Since I’ve been posting The Dream and The Dragon on here I’ve gained more followers, so I may post more of  my stories and just random things up here. Hmmm….What else has happened? Oh! I entered the Pitchfest at WriteonCon with my Beyond Here story. I didn’t get an agent but I did get great feedback and this nice blurb:

“This is an interesting premise–it sounds a bit like IF I STAY as reimagined by Charlie Kaufman.”

Woot! Sure I was bummed not to get the agent but when I saw this I realized my story was original. That’s what I hope to bring to the table when I get published. Yes, I said when not if. Gotta believe it! 😀 Anyway, thank you for reading and following. Hopefully the next time I post it will be the end of  The Dream and The Dragon or that I found success. Until then have a writeous day!


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