The Dream and the Dragon part four

The sky was full of darkness and smoke
Although a dream it was thick enough to choke
Through the air came a mighty roar
Which made the land more frightful than it was before
Lining the ground were remnants of bone and doom
Then a clap of thunder did boom
The ground shuttered in its wake
The boy wondered how much more his eyes could take
Then amid the smoke, darkness and destruction
There came a marvelous and stunning vision
Dancing within the smoke and flame
Was the boy’s own dream dame
Spiraling and dancing without a sound
Still a beauty along this muddled ground
When she saw him she did smile
Bright enough to illuminate the dark mile after mile
“Do you love me?” Her words like a kiss
Then a shadow emerged from the mist
Not like his dream girl so lovely and fair
But of the dragon, its eyes narrowed in a glare
The look said dinner was ready to begin
“Then you will find me when you seek what’s beneath the skin.”
That’s what she said with peace and grace
While the dragon charged them with lightning pace
The boy wailed as though ripped away from his soul
As the dragon devoured his dream girl whole
The boy woke with quite a fright
Partly from fear and partly from the fire’s bite
The fire worked its way to the crook of his arm
Dealing him much damage and harm
He tore his tear soaked gaze from the flaming limb
His situation seeming rather grim
Pulling him along the ground
The boy was not surprised to have found
His horse Quick dragging him along
By the scruff of his shirt in his teeth so strong
A thanks rested in the boy’s lip
But the pain was like a snapped, cracking whip
Forcing him to grimace and wince
Remember how this was the worse pain since
The day he would never forget
Dark thoughts became a dour threat
His insides were flushed cold
From his internal scars so old
Torn asunder and packed with salt
Adding fuel to the fiery jolt
A lone tear trekked down his face
Tumbling, tumbling with no sense of grace
He was dragged on through day and night
While the fire stayed burning bright
As the down did break
Their destination they did make
To the mouth of the dragon’s cave
Although the pain did not stave
Upright the boy did stand
Traversing the rocky land
Using the wall to keep him steady
Feeling in his soul he was nearly ready
To give up and lay amongst the rock
While the hand of Death did knock
Upon the door of his very soul
The long hard battle having taken its toll
Yet the boy managed to continue the fight
His blazing arm providing light
As the boy did descend
To the dragon who resided around the bend
The one who held the key to his dreams
The one who appeared more than it seems
Then the boy’s mind was tied in a knot
As he pondered indeed how far he got
The tasks he completed and gone through
At the end of the day it was all for who?
His dream love, the lovely princess
Or the dreaded dragon who appeared to stress?
Nothing seemed to make much sense
He thought himself rather dense
Should he listen to his head or heart
Perhaps the dream he had from the start
Was just a dream and nothing more
Yet in his heart he felt so sure
That he was destined to find a love so true
Further confusing him in what to do
The boy stumbled on until he reached the place
Where the dragon rested and he saw its face
It sat up sharply as he came near
Mouth agape and eyes glistening with fear
The dragon shouted, “What happened boy?!”
And the boy laughed, “I thought you’d have joy
I retrieved the feather of the fiery bird
I’ve done as you wish and kept my word
I conquered each dubious trial.”
The boy said with a weak smile
“This last task has caused me great harm
By fire it has consumed my arm
How much longer must I burn
How much more until your trust I earn?”
Having blurted out his plea
The boy did drop to his knee
His tears doing little to quench the fire
More a man now than the boy he was prior
The dragon moved with no haste
Giving the flames a little taste
The fire indeed the dragon did eat
Not at all bothered by the heat
The dragon spoke, “Using sacred dragon magic
I’ve kept you from a fate far more tragic
You are alive, that is true
As for the damage I’m not sure what to do.”
The boy looked down to where the flames had been
There was his arm as black as sin
His flesh was ashamed, hard and cracked
All hope had faded of it ever coming back
Returning to former glory
Hoping this not the end to a tragic story
The boy looked up at the dragon, eyes fierce and wet
Through glistening eyes the dragon appeared to be no threat
It looked down at him deep and long
Head bowed like a dog that’d done wrong
The dragon’s nostrils released a plume
Of smoke which mirrored the gloom
“I’m sorry for horrid fate
It pains me to see you in this state
I never believed it would get so bad
Seeing your hurt makes me sad.”
Said the dragon rather dire
The look in its eyes hurting worse than the fire
The dragon shrank back as if expecting a fight
In that very instant it was stripped of its might
Despite its size the dragon seemed small
Smaller still when it allowed its head to fall
As the dragon continued to shrink back
Its scars shone through the scales of black
At this the boy’s heart did sink
He cast away a precious tear with a blink
“Dear dragon please fret not
The cost of chasing a dream is more than what I got
Sure pain had been wrought
As I have sought out the answer to my dream
I shall chase with fever and steam
The cure for my ailment
The world has truly meant
To see me made whole for this girl I’ve grown fond
To be perfect for her I’d go to Hell and beyond.”
The boy cast a weak little grin
Although the pain in his arm was like a searing pin
The dragon’s eyes still glistened with distrust
As it inched further into the dust
But as it did the dragon did speak
“Is your opinion of your dream girl that bleak
If truly this is the love you seek
She’d love you through fire and ice
She’d love you no matter the price
The dream girl would not care about wound or scar
Loving you up close as well from afar.”
The boy sat up and narrowed his gaze
Mind still racked in a pain filled haze
He peered into the dragon’s eyes
His heart unwilling to proceed in lies
Yet those eyes, huge dark and wide
Showed nothing no matter how hard he tried
The boy gave up with a heavy heart
“Then tell me dragon where do I start
With these items you wished me to seek.”
Said the boy in a tone wrapped bleak
The dragon huffed a puff of smoke
“I’ll give you the answer to the question you spoke
You came to me with honor but I needed proof
That your spoke the truth
So I set on these tasks at my will
For enchanted ink, parchment and quill
Separate these items are unique and ripe with beauty
But combined they serve a great duty
Using the quill and ink to write upon the paper of mermaid bone
Your words will be truth alone
The items will produce what comes from that thing beating in your chest
This dear boy is your final test
A bit of truth from what I inside
Then you will succeed where others failed when they tried.”
Try as he might the tears came back
As a realization hit him like a tack
“Tell me dragon that you jest
I will not be able to rest
The hand I use to write
Is now no more than a ghastly fright
How should I scrawl upon this sacred page
Give me wisdom oh so sage
I did not endure all of this
Just to be denied my bliss
At this very last moment
Not with all this energy spent.”
The boy begged, “Please please please
Oh dragon take away this unease.”
The dragon averted its gaze
As its mighty head it did raise
For although the boy did fight and toil
The dragon wrapped itself into a tight coil
It rested along the stone floor
Speaking that night no more
Leaving the boy to sulk in the cave
“How dare that insolent boy be so brave?”
The dragon thought as it gave way to the dark
A dark so deep and rather stark
It was in the darkness that dragon did sleep
Traveling to a land of dreams and secrets so deep
As it did on many nights the dragon dreamt of fire
Through the flames came a voice proclaiming it a liar
In the dream the dragon did growl
Pawing the earth like a tiger on the prowl
“Who dare call me such a thing
With my teeth I’ll show you the pain it bring
Show yourself and no longer roam
So I can make my belly your new home.”
Amongst the licking fire the dragon’s teeth did glint
Through the heat and smoke there came a hint
Of the figure who did speak
It was not who the dragon did seek
“Why do you lie to me?”
Asked the boy devoid of glee
The dragon shrank back with its teeth bared
“No one has ever dared
To speak to me in such a manner
And I do not care for your candor
How dare you claim I speak untrue
Have you any idea the things I can do
I am a creature of might and fear
If you value your life do not come near
With your lips of pure deceit
An untimely end you shall meet.”
The boy approached totally unafraid
“Another lie your forked tongue has made.”
From deep in its throat the dragon unleashed a roar
“You shall speak never more
If you continue to speak such blasphemy
A fiery death it shall be.”
The boy stepped forward with a confident stride
“Do you speak deception because of your pride?”
Quickly the dragon blew a fiery breath bright white
Leaving the boy engulfed and out of sight
Witnessing the damage it had wrought
The dragon found itself fraught
And overcome by what it had done
Its heart grew cold like a dead sun
The boy spoke although swallowed by flame
“There’s no one else to blame
Your scars are not from me
Speak the truth and you shall be free.”
Although a dream the dragon did feel
A searing pain in the wounds which refused to heal
The dragon saw the boy still standing in the fire
His voice a whisper in its ears calling out liar
The word haunted the terrible beast
Bringing a chill unwilling to be ceased
The dragon thrashed about with unbridled rage
Like a wild bull thrust in the center stage
The boy remained burning alive
The dragon swiped at the words as if they were bees from a hive
“Stop it!” shouted the dragon
“I will not be hurt again
Not by you or a knight or charming prince
There’s a reason I’ve been in my face ever since
The scars were left so long ago
Who I was before I barely know.”
Liar, liar rang in its ear
Making it wish the boy would disappear
Then the dragon felt a snag
As the call of reality began to drag
The dragon back into its isolated cave
Where the pain did not stave
Where the scars were deep in its scales
And what resides in the outside world pales
To the dragon’s true dreams
A place where it was more than it seems


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