Death Grip

*Another Flash Fiction piece. This is from a challenge about cheating. Reading over these I realize I had a lot of fun doing these. Have to find out how to do more. Anyway enjoy and have a writeous day!*

I spent ten years with the monks of the Xian Lin to learn how to stop my heart. When I learned to stop my heart for two days, I set out to the Amazon in search of the Spirit Dancers. In my seven years with them they trained me in how to separate body and spirit. At last I was ready to die.

I dig my grave under the watchful pearl eye of night. With each plunge of the shovel into the loose soil I think of my wife. I think of the times we shared and more importantly the times that were stripped from us as the cancer claimed her.

I spent every moment I could by her side. Even as her hair left, her skin lost its color and the disease worked its way to her brain she was still the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen.

At the end I saw Death, face to face as he claimed her spirit. I tried to stop him but I was frightened. Now I can have my vengeance. I’ll steal his scythe and use it to get my wife back. He’ll pay for the time he cheated us out of.


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