The Dream and the Dragon part five

*The penultimate piece before its conclusion 😀 Enjoy!*

The dragon looked slowly around
Finding the boy sleeping quite sound
Besides the shivering upon the earthen floor
And from his mouth came a raucous snore
“He’s like a shaved cub.” the dragon did think
Across its lip a smile was on the brink
The dragon watched over him as he slept
Wondering what secret this boy kept
Outside the cave the night turned to morn
Waking the boy to which a promise was sworn
The boy woke up wiping sleep from his eye
Still seeing his mangled arm the boy let out a mournful sigh
The boy realized he was in the dragon’s gaze
Seeing him awake the dragon’s head did raise
With its eyes black as its scaly armor
The dragon asked “What are you here for
I already told you at last moon
The answer to your query will not come soon
Without the magic in the quill and ink
So I know the truth not what you think
I apologize for the pain my tasks did cause
But seeing your harm does not give me pause
I have made a solemn dragon decree
Without that I’d hate to see what I’d be
Gather up your sense you obviously lack
Leave my cave and never come back.”
The boy cast his head sourly down
To which the dragon gave a frown
“I stayed although I am harmed and marred
As I dear dragon hold your word in high regard
You spoke that you would hurt me naught
And this is such a commendable thought
Yet words pack an awful sting
More than the phoenix fire did bring
I cannot write that much is true
Who is to say I do not wish to be with you?”
Said the boy as he stood
The dragon glared as if the boy was up to no good
“Stay away, you must go
There are things you do not wish to know
About the nature of a beast like me
There is so much more than you see
It has been some time since I last ate
I’d hate for you to meet a fate
Wedged between my fearsome teeth
No one deserves that kind of grief
I beg of you to leave this place
Quickly now with a stallion’s pace
Go and take your leave this day
Do it now for there is nothing more to say.”
The boy didn’t seem to hear
As he went on devoid of fear
“Why is it your fire burns cold?”
Said the boy in a voice rather bold
“I lay asleep by the flames and still
I find myself wrapped in a deep chill
Last night as I laid my head to rest
There was a pang in the center of my chest
Right where my heart does beat
Where I think this is all of a big cheat
A fanciful lie to keep others at bay
Using your bite and fire to keep people away.”
As the boy spoke the dragon started to cringe
Wondering how badly this boy would singe
Wrapped in a blanket of white hot flame
Regretting the day he ever came
Upon this cave with his stupid dream
The truth he appeared to not gleam
Fairytales and dreams have no happy end
What you believe to be happiness you have to bend
Alter its shape, and otherwise mold
It into something less than the stories told
“You must be an imbecile made so dense.”
Said the dragon with eyes so intense
“I gave you fair warning, time to flee
Go now boy and let me be.”
Again the boy didn’t seem to hear a word
As he went on quite undeterred
“You said yourself that my dream girl would not care
Whether I was damaged or fair
I came to you broken and horribly maimed
And in that state my heart was tamed
By a dragon of such power and force
Pressing me to stay the course
For your task I’ve been through much hell
To get an answer that would be a lie as well
Something to send me away so far
Because you fear I will leave a scar
A wound so ugly and dug so deep
Because you believe my word I will not keep
You feel everyone is all the same
So you threaten them with fang and flame
The price for lies I can see you’ve paid
But trust me dear dragon there is no need to be afraid.”
A savage howl the dragon did cry
“You cannot know of such things so don’t try
To understand what goes on in my mind
I’ve swallowed enough lies from your kind
You’ll leave a scar just like the rest
It doesn’t matter how well you pass the test
Your tongue will still form words untrue
And all at once you’ll make me hate you.”
The boy shook his weary head
His eyes a book that couldn’t read
By the dragon of might and fear
Even as the timid boy drew near
“I’d never make you hate me, that would be absurd
If you gave me a chance, I’d give you my word
A painful lie will never cross my lip
A sweet word instead when your heart starts to dip
I carry no title such as a lord or knight
I am no trickster sent to dim your light
A friend to you is what I seek
Quite a task for someone so meek
I shall not ask you about the girl who shares my heart song
For some reason I feel here is where I belong.”
To this the dragon gave a haughty snort
Right before it gave its retort
“What is this silly game you play
Expecting me to trust a word you say
You speak words so nice and sweet
But to a blackened heart they do greet
All those lovely words you waste
Leave my cave and make great haste
I no longer wish to see your face
In my heart you have no place
Climb your horse and go away
That is the last I will say.”
The boy looked on undeterred
By what it was that he had heard
There was a glimmer within his eyes
As though something he did just realize
He moved to the items he did fight for
To the items the dragon seemed to adore
He picked up the parchment and the pot of ink
Leaving the dragon to wonder what the boy must think
Calmly the boy walked back to the fire
“I’ll prove to you that I am no liar
You said alone these prizes mean nothing
However combined they do sing
They sing of magic and all things true
To prove myself worthy this I will do
My arm the phoenix feather did claim
Although the flames gone I do not feel the same
The fire it seems shall not be denied
I feel it coursing deep inside
Through my veins and within my bone
That fire soon shall not be alone
To combine the items I must ingest
These things I received during your test
Then I shall be able to complete your will
Letting my mouth become an honesty vessel.”
“Don’t be a fool!” the dragon did cry
“If you do that you shall die
Leaving your body upon the ground
Lingering here to be unfound
With no one to mourn your loss
This would make me rather cross
To stare at the bones of someone so dense
Abandon this plan for it makes no sense.”
The boy took the mermaid bone sheet
And with that he did eat
The paper gave way with a crunch
As the boy did munch
The parchment slid down his gullet
To his chagrin he could feel it
Every shard down his throat as they fell
The damage done was easy to tell
As it travelled it did stab
Giving his insides a fearsome jab
He felt every pinch, gash and cut
As blood started to pool inside of his gut
The boy clutched at his belly which did ache
Completely unsure of how much more he could take
The dragon roared its disdain
From watching the boy in so much pain
“Do not continue on this fool’s quest
Clearly you do not know what is best
Your mind clouded by wonderful fancy
You do harm to your frail body
For a girl whose existence is not forgone
I beg of you do not go on.”
Said the dragon rather weak
What once was menacing became meek
The boy looked to the dragon feeling so sore
Then down his throat the ink he did pour
The poisonous mixture went down with a chill
Swallowing it all took the bulk of his will
When the boy finished the last bitter sip
He began to shiver and his body started to dip
The boy felt his slowing pulse
As his body began to spasm and convulse
He collapsed, eyes closed, to the floor
The dragon afraid he’d open his eyes never more
The beast cried out “No!”
As its body gave off an ethereal glow
An ominous shimmer of silver and green
Truly a sight meant to be seen
But no one was around to take witness
Of the glowing dragon in its distress
No one heard the dragon weep
As the wind rushed in the monster’s keep
A savage air like a monster’s breath
While the boy lay strangled by the hands of death
The flames around it danced on the dragon’s scales
A glimpse of beauty amongst the dragon’s wails
The fire grew brighter with the dragon’s cries
All the while the beast reduced in size
From a creature frightening and tall
To something rather frail and small
The dark scales fell away to reveal skin
And silky hair as dark as sin
The dragon was gone and in its wake
Was a young girl who a deep breath she did take
So long had she not used her human lung
A coughing fit it had brung
One so wild it nearly knocked off her crown
After a while she was able to settle down
She scrambled to be by the boy’s side
So very afraid that he had died
To her surprise the boy offered a smile
In his annoyingly charming boyish style
She took a finger and caressed his cheek
Fretting over how he felt so cool and weak
He reached up to touch her with a trembling hand
To see him like this was more than she could stand
“You’re more beautiful than in my dream
Your eyes like the light reflecting off a rippling stream
I should have known it was you all along
I just had to listen to heart song
Trusting my heart as well as yours
Would’ve opened up so many doors
That we could’ve walked through
Underneath the sky so blue
Alas it seems my time is short
And I do not have the time to court
At least I got to see your face
Soft and beautiful like fresh lace
Before I take the longest of sleep
Laying down in the earth so deep.”
From her eyes came tear after tear
As she trembled with unbridled fear
“I’m so sorry for what I have done
I should have told you my heart you have won
Afraid I was to speak what was true
Now look what I have done to you
Long ago before you I met
It seemed my destiny was already set
I was a princess in a far off land
Living in a castle majestic and grand
I ran all around and lived quite wild
My parents did not approve of this from their child
They wanted someone proper and prim
To me that option seemed rather dim
I just wanted to have fun and play
Not caring what the king and queen had to say
I wanted to ride horses into the enchanted woods
And gallivant with pirates as they brought in their goods
Yo the wild animals I wanted to sing
Meanwhile my parents sought a prince with a ring
A single trinket to keep me tame
Making my life no longer the same
I conceded to what they desired
And soon I was married to someone they admired
A handsome prince from Everdeer
Who slew a hundred wildebeests to prove he was without fear
Surely he was a knight of no compare
But behind closed doors he was without compassion or care
Seeking to control how I looked and dress
Speaking to me worse than a beggar much less a princess
Yet I kept my mouth shut and learned to deal
With the fact everyday my joy he did steal
There came a day when from me no tear was shed
When word came to me that he was dead
Not a shred of love in my heart for him could be found
For the princely knight so honor bound
To protect his land he once called home
From a barbaric warrior gnome
He did what princes are expected to do
Blindly running off to a danger no one knew
With the prince gone and buried
I thought the king and queen would abandon their need
Much to my grief they did not
Another suitor they had got
This one preferred his drink over I
Leaving me alone at night to cry
And stewing over words spoken
His verbal assaults always leaving me broken
Besides his drink he had love for another
Taking to bed lover after lover
Once this news hit my parents collective ear
He knew the true meaning of fear
The drunken coward ran off into the night
No one knew to where he disappeared out of sight
I was more than glad to be done with the dreadful man
Buy like me I too ran
As once again my folks did whisper
Of finding me a suitable mister
I took off into the enchanted wood
Swearing I’d be gone for good
No one telling me what to do
Any fanciful thoughts of love were through
Willing to live my life in the wild
A scorned and broken child
Night after night I cried and cried
For the horrible plot my parents tried
I prayed to the moon to never let me feel again
The pain brought upon by family and men
As I prayed the skies did part
And along came an old woman pushing a cart
Our paths seemed destined to cross
Even when she flashed a smile green as moss
She said she heard my prayer
Whispered upon the midnight air
She explained she was on her way to Zembinbubble
But that she may have an answer to my trouble
The old crone pulled out a red vial
Explaining it wouldn’t take a while
For the magic within the juice
To work all of my troubles loose
You’ll be strong as a hundred knights
While making such a beautiful light
Keeping the evil far at bay
Whether by waxing of moon or brilliance of day
What’s inside of you will be seen by all
By every manner of creature great and small

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