What To Tell Jasmine

*This is another flash fiction challenge I did. The challenge was to reveal a mystery mainly through dialogue. Not sure how well I did it, but I did like it 🙂 Hopefully you will too. Enjoy!*

He let her rest her head on his shoulders. Seconds passed before her face left a tear soaked imprint on his shirt. His wife looked up at him, pain in her normally hazel eyes.

“He’s gone.”

“I know, sweetness. Damn. Jasmine’s going to be a wreck.”

“How do I tell her? With the divorce, the move, and us, she’s likely to snap. Oh God, she’s going to blame me. I know it.”

“Maybe we can tell her together.”

“No. I’ll do it. Part of me being a big girl, right?” She stifled a laugh that hurt them both.

“Anyone know how it happened?”

“Suicide. Bastard hung himself.”

“No kidding. Don’t mean to make light, but how often do you hear that?”

“Yeah, it’s like a movie. Tim’s a drama queen, even in death.”

“Yeah. Who hangs themselves in a closet? What a freak.”

She paused. “I never said closet.”


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