The Dream and the Dragon part six (The Conclusion)

*Finally finished! I’m glad those that have been following have enjoyed. Here is the last piece. Enjoy!*

I did wait for her to finish
I took the vial letting its contents diminish
Before long I began to change
My entire body feeling quite strange
I knew all was not the norm
And I was trapped within this infernal form
At this the old woman gave a laugh
Amused that I was now on this path
She claimed I was the beast from inside now out
And I would be left to roam about
Protecting myself from wounds cast
A monster who will forever last
Unless someone can pierce your armored hide
Someone who to you will not have lied
Who will look past all your scars
Only to love you just as you are
Then she disappeared in a puff of smoke
Even as a dragon I began to choke
All alone I had to run
As a dragon hunt had just begun
Trumpet blasts went through the air
I went in search of what is now my lair
Here I have stayed ever since
Waiting for my one and only prince
Little did I know my love would be you
Someone not rich or well to do
Just someone with an open heart
Who asked nothing of me from the start
You leapt at all my stupid tests
Showing your heart was truly the best
I was a fool for your heart song I did shun
Not realizing that you were the one
Please don’t drift off into the dark
To leave me on this plain so stark
Your love I wish to not be without
Stay and I’ll love you with no doubt.”
The buy brushed away her tears in his charming way
Then closed his eyes with no more to say
The princess cried so hard
Giving the ghists who resided in the cave no regard
She cried and cried the morning through
Until she whispered “I love you.”
Upon his forehead she gave a kiss
Wishing she could have placed it on his living lips
She placed a hand over his tear soaked heart
And she was giving a remarkable start
Right where her fingers and his chest did meet
The princess felt a faint but thunderous beat
A gentle subtle yet exhilarating thump
Enough to make her weary heart jump
When it did she no longer felt heartbroken and sick
For their hearts beat together with a clockwork tick
As their beating hearts played their ode
She knew a great omen this did bode
His arm that had been badly charred
Was slowly becoming less and less marred
Soon his arm was once again fine
The air became fragrant like bottled wine
The boy’s skin started to glow
A manner of spell the princess did not know
Air barged in a great rush
To snatch the boy from the princess’s clutch
To the unseen magic she did surrender
Hoping it was not a regret to remember
His body stood suspended in midair
Leaving the princess to gawk and stare
As the wind did whistle and whip
Mending every bruise and rip
Until at last he was like new
The magic doing what it came to do
Wild winds left and the boy was set down
In front of the princess in her dazzling gown
It took a moment for his eyes to blink awake
And the sight of his dream girl was more than he could take
A smile emerged where his lips did curl
“At last I meet my dream girl.”
The boy managed to say this
Before the princess was on him with a kiss
The feel of her lips more than he’d hoped
And worth all the nights he had moped
Wishing he had the girl in front of him
When the prospect of it all seemed dim
Now here she was very alive and real
Not wasting a moment they did steal
Into the night much like a bolt
Awaking Quick with a jolt
The boy thanked his horse for being so patient
Then the trio just went
Off to the land of the princess’s birth
Quick understanding what this was worth
Galloping on to the castle wall
Arriving to a trumpeting call
Alerting the gatekeepers to lower the gates
While praising the gods for their fates
For the lost princess had returned
A night’s sleep they had certainly earned
Along the path the people made way
Thanking the heavens for such a glorious day
The king and queen awoke to a clamor
Not at all used to being awoken in this manner
What a sight to be still their eyes
A sight capturing them by surprise
There came their daughter long lost
And they would have her back no matter the cost
Their weary, mournful bones carried them to greet
Their daughter and the boy yet to meet
As they snatched their daughter off of Quick
Happy tears left their cheeks slick
They apologized for what they did wrong
Shoving their one child away for so long
Ready to shower the girl with affection
It was the princess who brought to their attention
The strapping young man upon his steed
Someone they needed to meet indeed
She explained to them her great ordeal
Not leaving out how she did feel
That she now had a splendid man
One who did not give her demands
Rather he preferredto let her be free
To be herself, Princess Red
The king and queen gave her words thought
Then looked to the boy who their child had brought
A beaming smile was on his face
While he was smothered in their embrace
Once released from their tight squeeze
The boy did find himself on his knees
Taking the princess by the hand
Making sure she did understand
That his love was honest, pure and true
And he’d prove it through and through
For the rest of his life
If she’d do him the honor of being his wife
A poor boy he had no ring
That didn’t stop her heart from wanting to sing
She shouted out a resounding Yes
Immediately her parents did bless
Their union while the princess did swoon
And a wedding they’d have soon
Within a week they were married
Rather beautiful and not so harried
A wedding spectacular and grand
Even an appearance from a captain who preferred the sea to land
Everyone celebrated, no happiness they did lack
All from the true love of Princess Ree and Prince Mack
While the kingdom smiled upon their glory
That is not the end of our story
Far, far away from festivities and sweet romance
The witch, being no knave
Waltzed into the dragon’s cave
She had a smile upon her face
As she took in the entire space
The witch grinned at the princess’s tear she got
All a part if her master plot
While everyone partied and raised a commotion
Her plan was set in to motion
To unleash a magic so fierce and wild
A magic made complete with their firstborn child



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