Is It August Already?

Wow! I can’t believe it’s August. Where oh where did the summer time go? *shaking my head* Oh well. I took July off from posting too much. I wish I could say I was more productive as a result but at least I can say I was still writing.
My laptop is down at the moment so computer time is scarce. Only eight more chapters left to type up Beyond Here. Sounds like a little but I am a painfully slow typist. Mostly because I’m revising as I type. I’m really excited to be done. And I’m equally excited to be nearly halfway finished on both Nisa Sass and The Orphaned.
Man this month my kids ho back to school and I’ll turn thirty three. Yikes! I’ve never been one to harp on age but…ugh. Really? Thirty three?
Thirty three isn’t old by any means. What scares me is that I’m nearly finished my idea journal and I still have more ideas to get down and eventually give life to. I’m wondering if I’ll have enough time, you know? With work, family, and holding down a great long distance relationship with my wonderful girlfriend my time is stretched. But I refuse to give up. My kids won’t let me. My girlfriend would beat me. And my family would heckle and chide me until I picked up the pen and started slaying pages once more.
For that my totally grateful 🙂
Well hopefully I can post more writings this month. I shall do my best as I hope you are too. So until next time have a writeous day!


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