The Witch’s Memory pt.2

What they didn’t understand made them cringe
And fear the people living on the fringe
Fearing they would craft a spell
To make sure all in the world was not well
They pleaded with their king to end this mess
Of the magic folk they believed wished them stress
What was the king suppose to do
But scheme and plot the nights through
On how to handle the situation
With the people who worked divination
As the king thought up a way
To lead the magical folk astray
There was a girl and her family true
Playing under a sky so blue
The girl did laugh and giggle
While in the sky squawked a full
Flying free and unencumbered
As if not knowing the people’s days were numbered
After this particular tickle session
It proved time for another magic lesson
The father fell in the lush green grass
Flecks of grey peppered his moustache
His smile beamed bright like the heavenly sun
He was quite winded so playtime was done
“Come here my sweet child,” laughed the dad
“Surely another day there is fun to be had
But now is time to learn to sift
From what is curse and what is gift
Come now lass and take a seat
A respite from this summer heat
Let me impart a bit of knowledge in your head
Smarts I earned not just read.”
The girl sat down with a smile
And the grass accepted her, making her cozy for awhile
As the winds kicked up, caressing her face
Her father spoke with patient grace
“When it comes to magic you must be wise
A simple spell could mean your demise
Because all magic comes at a cost
Some spells can never measure what is lost
Know this little girl, know all the rules
Or a life of magic can be quite cruel
Lesson one can never enough be said
There is no bringing back the dead
Although your heart may ache from the loss of them
If you follow through the results will be from
Unspeakable horrors better left untold
Leaving your spirit bound and cold
A fate I do not wish for your little one
Buy hold your questions until this lesson is done
Lesson two could easily have been the start
As it deals with the matters of the heart
You may never use magic for the purpose of love
No matter what tribulation may come to shove
Love is a matter best left for the soul
Corrupting it will certainly take its toll
Love is powerful and meant to be free
If the person is not meant to live you, let it be
When it comes to lessons this’ll be the third
Please young one, do not find this absurd
Magic is a weapon that you can arm
But you must use it for good, not to bring others harm
We masters of magic were called for a great purpose
The violent ways of others is not meant for us
You were called for so much more
To do wonders never seen before
Don’t waste your gifts on petty revenge
I know all too well this is a challenge
People will push you to be oh so cruel
To fight, plunder, and certainly duel
I ask you now to let it go
The good in you needs to show
Our good shall bring us into the light
Where there will be no more trauma or need to fight
Where we can live in peace with those without the gift
And the wall that stands between us will lift
Only then will we truly live in peace
Unyielding love for every person each
When you truly understand these rules I gave
Then you will know how to behave
Once the world tries to steal your joy
So no matter what tricks they choose to deploy
You will still be our little one and make us proud
If you have any questions speak them aloud
Better to know now than not at all
Ask your query child before nightfall.”
The girl took a moment to have herself a think
As she pondered, the sun did slowly sink
The clouds were outlined in blood orange and indigo
Then the girl blurted. “Oh I know
Daddy how come we are made to hide
Instead of walking around with pride
We are stronger isn’t that much true
Heck I couldn’t imagine anyone beating you
So why not do more with our magic
Instead of protection and other tricks?”
With that the father and mother shared a glance
Saying this was a subject not meant to dance
Around or even beat around the bush
The world went quiet as if told to shush
“What is your name?” said the father to the girl
“Jaspeak, father.” answered the child, giving her hair a nervous twirl
“Who were you named after?”
“Why, my great great grandfather.”
The man settled into the cool earth
Appearing devoid of his former merriment and mirth


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