The Tale of Pumpkin Jack

Getting in the Halloween spirit by reblogging some chilling tales I’ve already done. Then I should have two new ones to share before Halloween. So for now, enjoy!!

Inkslayer's Journey

Last year at Halloween I did a short story on Twitter using the hashtag #tweetatale. I usually don’t get responses from anything I say on Twitter so surprise surprise when i did the story I got some replies. So I decide to do another story real quick each Halloween, maybe every holiday just to let the creative juices flow. This is such a story and I hope you enjoy 🙂



Many tales are told on this the night of Halloween. Most are lies fabricated from the minds of vindictive big brothers, caffeine fueled pulpits, and mothers who forgot what it was like to be a child. However there is one such tale that everyone knows to be true: The Tale of Pumpkin Jack. Now the origin of the legend of Pumpkin Jack is not known, varying from a curse placed by an evil witch on a child who…

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