Another spooky reblog 🙂 Enjoy!

Inkslayer's Journey

*Here’s another flash fiction piece I put up on Webook. This one was for their Monster Challenge. One day I hope to expound on this idea. Enjoy!*

“I just want her to dance again.”

The words pour in my ears through a dirty filter of drugs working through my veins. I’m numb. If not for the fact I can see and hear my captor I could have mistaken this for death. A man, shock of red hair and yellow skinned, sharpened a blade at an ancient grindstone. Sparks flew, illuminating the filthy dungeon which housed them. Remenants of other unfortunate teen girls littered the blood-soaked floor. As the sparks fall like poisoned fairies I can see his bloodshot eyes. I can’t tell the color they once were. It looks like he’s done nothing but cry for years nonstop.

The grinding stops. Only a lone candle lights this torrid opus of…

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