The Witch’s Memory pt.2

Part 5 coming soon! =D

Inkslayer's Journey

What they didn’t understand made them cringe
And fear the people living on the fringe
Fearing they would craft a spell
To make sure all in the world was not well
They pleaded with their king to end this mess
Of the magic folk they believed wished them stress
What was the king suppose to do
But scheme and plot the nights through
On how to handle the situation
With the people who worked divination
As the king thought up a way
To lead the magical folk astray
There was a girl and her family true
Playing under a sky so blue
The girl did laugh and giggle
While in the sky squawked a full
Flying free and unencumbered
As if not knowing the people’s days were numbered
After this particular tickle session
It proved time for another magic lesson
The father fell in the lush green grass
Flecks of…

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