The Witch’s Memory pt.3

Part 5 soon 🙂

Inkslayer's Journey

A heaviness perched upon his shoulder
Making him appear several years older
She snuggled in his arms, her eyes aimed to the lowering sun
Her mind wondering what it was that had been done
What had been done to cause her father this woe
The answer her curiosity had to know
“Well your great- great-grandfather Jaspeak,”
He father did speak
“Was a great wizard beyond any compare
So much so it was considered unfair
To those without any kind of magic
In fact their lives seemed rather tragic
Because of Jaspeak we had no worries about being fed
From his magic we learned how to heal when we bled
We could create fire with the flick of the wrist
And that is only the beginning of his achievement list
Almost everything we have, food and supply
Came because a man named Jaspeak did try
Meanwhile outside of this land we…

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