The Witch’s Memory pt.4

The next part should be posted tomorrow 🙂

Inkslayer's Journey

He stood in the doorway basked in moonlight
The once great wizard now looking a fright
His hair once bright as the ideas he did think
Was now the shade of the darkest, blackest ink
Jaspeak’s eyes were now like coal
And our leader had a horrible feeling in his soul
Yet he remained at the wizard’s whim
For he would always have to go to him
Again his bride was no where to be found
He prayed she was not somewhere gagged and bound
In need of his help though kept our leader quiet
Dread burrowed into his heart where it set
“How is it I find you once more
At the foot of my most welcome door,”
Said Jaspeak with a gleam
“Trouble apparently it does seem
With those folk without the gift
What is it now causing my focus to shift?”
Our leader spoke of the troubles…

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