End of the Year Recap

Wow, it’s still hard to believe it’s the end of the year already. *gasp* Seems like not long ago I was getting ready to clean up from last Christmas. Hmmm….Oh well. It’s been a good year in spite of its brevity. I was able to see my girlfriend from Chicago a few times. My kids are doing well in school, heck, I was even told Gizzy could graduate early with how well she’s doing in her advanced classes. That’s enough to make any dad proud. My mom was finally able to own a home, her dream. I got a new car. What?! Yes, yes, it happened. LOL And I’ve been getting very accustomed to writing every single day no matter what. Previously that had been a struggle, but now I don’t feel right unless I have written. Sweet 🙂

Of course not even is perfect. Still no extra job so I can be a bit more financial secure. Also there were quite a few rejection letters along the way. Not to mention I didn’t even hit the hundred followers to this blog that I had hoped to reach by the end of the year, unless something miraculous happens in the next day.

But I’m shaking all that off before I step into 2014. I’m growing and so should my goals. I plan to write more, save more, travel more, find a better job, be with my kids more, and continue to grow in life. This only scratches the surface of all I want to achieve in the new year. And as I grow I hope to let this blog grow as well. In the new year you can expect more posts and a new theme to spice things up. While we’re at it why not a new name, one the fits with the branding I’ve been doing.

So I truly do wish you a happy holiday and a fabulous New Year. Make 2014 a flagstone for all your future success. Until next time have a writeous day!


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