Well, I’m back. And like Die Hard it’s with a vengeance. Normally when I’m feeling low on creative energy I walk into a comic shop or a bookstore, and just soak in all the cosmic imaginative energy floating around. Unfortunately I’m not in the right place to always do that. This last week I was blessed to get my other source of recharge when my writerly girlfriend, Minerva ReeVera came into town.

We basked in each other. We basked in writing. We basked. LOL But my all too short time with her reminded me how awesome it is to surround yourself with likeminded people. Ideas came easier. Ink flowed like rivers. And in that ink coated water I was reborn.

All that to say, don’t go it alone. Writing can be so isolating, leaving you to retreat into yourself. But there are others out there who can shoulder the burden Master Frodo. You just have to trust them. Trust in yourself. Trust in your mutual love of the craft.
So until next time, have a writeous day!


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