The Witch’s Memory (revisited) part 1

*I’m going to be sharing The Witch’s Memory again until the newest part is ready. Sorry for the wait 🙂 Enjoy!*

As the stars and the moon sat up straight
The people of Durbin did celebrate
For their lost princess did return
So far that they would let their candles burn
Into a liquid pool of wax and goo
And they’d still dance and sing the night through
Her appearance alone would have been enough
For the people to gather round and strut their stuff
Yet their celebration would be a hundred fold
As she brought a boy with her brave and bold
One who wanted to take her hand
Before he knew she ruled over all this land
For this they’d dance until their feet were sore
Doing dances never done before
The curse was broken, filling the kingdom with joy
All hail the princess and the soon to be prince boy
While all of this was going on
Before the morning saw its dawn
A witch traveled through the haunted wood
Heading to where the cursed princess had stood
A princess made a dragon, full of fright
Too afraid to let her true self be seen in the light
Cursed until a boy saw the beauty inside
Stripped of misconceptions and any semblance of pride
All had gone according to plan
One weaved with her very own hand
She darted through the trees, grass and dark
Arriving at the cave so gloomy and stark
The witch traveled down into the cave so deep
Where the dragon did once sleep
Setting her bare feet on the magical soil
No longer filled with strife and turmoil
Seeing the hollow oh so empty
Filled the witch with unbridled glee
Now her mission could go undisturbed
Left to do as she pleased unheard
The witch inhaled a great breath
Laying eyes on what was left
Upon the dragon’s cave floor
Laid all her dreams and more
In place of the dragon’s stead
Were the tears the beast had shed
Upon the ground there were tiny shards
Shining brilliant with a texture quite hard
The witch picked up the gem and started to grin
Remembering how this all came to begin
It began a long time ago far from this cave
Where magic roamed free and the people were brave
Back in the land of Sluggatero
In a time set a thousand years ago
The people of Sluggatero were happy and carefree
Just as any group of people should be
The citizens were all magic imbued
Across the kingdoms others’ fears were not subdued


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