The Witch’s Memory (revisited) part four

*Here’s part four of The Witch’s Memory. I’m glad so many people are now following 🙂 Thank you so much! Until next time, have a writeous day!*

He stood in the doorway basked in moonlight
The once great wizard now looking a fright
His hair once bright as the ideas he did think
Was now the shade of the darkest, blackest ink
Jaspeak’s eyes were now like coal
And our leader had a horrible feeling in his soul
Yet he remained at the wizard’s whim
For he would always have to go to him
Again his bride was no where to be found
He prayed she was not somewhere gagged and bound
In need of his help though kept our leader quiet
Dread burrowed into his heart where it set
“How is it I find you once more
At the foot of my most welcome door,”
Said Jaspeak with a gleam
“Trouble apparently it does seem
With those folk without the gift
What is it now causing my focus to shift?”
Our leader spoke of the troubles he had heard
And Jaspeak rubbed his chin without speaking a word
Looking up into a sky that mirrored his own gaze
Appearing as though he could be lost up there for days
“This is a quandry,” Jaspeak said at last
“Of course I will handle this fast
Surely this will get done once I’ve figured the first
Hopefully their situation is the worst
If they are plagued by something else so grim
I’d hate to think what that would mean for them.”
With that the door was closed with a creak
And to our leader things seemed bleak
Not sure if the great wizard was someone to trust
But caught in a predicament where he must
He prayed that he was wrong
Hoping Jaspeak was the man he knew all along
The next day came and his prayer went unheard indeed
As the room sun broke there came the king on his steed
Anger and confusion played at the king’s stare
Trouble seemed to slither through the air
So our leader settled a spell in his tongue
To ward off attack of any begun
The horse came up with a strong neigh
“Do magic folk handle deals this way
To have your enemy call you friend
So they won’t realize the lies your tongues bend
Offering my land and daughter on bended knee I came
All that and yet it is more you seek to claim.”
It is said the king’s heart could be heard underneath his armor
Giving our leader a frightful tremor
“How have we wronged you so you say
What is it that brings you here today?”
At this question the king seemed offended
Any chance of reconciliation appeared absconded
“You chastise me on what brings me here
Truly your life you do not hold dear
My other daughters vanished without a trace
Never more my presence shall they grace
And a father with no children is a lost soul
There are no words uttered that could console
My daughters’ eyes went dark my helpers say
They offered strange mutterings everyday
Bizarre words that made little sense
Yet it is those words they continued to dispense
It is on their lips one word repeatedly they did speak
The name of your wizard, your beloved Jaspeak
I know it is him who would do something so foul
A villainous soul minus the cloak and cowl
So I give you this warning, once and no more
Prepare yourself for this means war.”
Then the king headed off towards the sun
Leaving our leader to wonder what had been done
He leapt to his feet headed in the direction
Of the once great man who was now an infection
Burrowing deep in our land to rot it from within
With lies, corruption, and all manner of sin
He went to the home, pounding till his hand was sore
No time for pleasantries as war was upon their door
With no answer he peered inside
Where it looked like joy came and died
Darkness smothered every possession
Casting a sense of desolation
Shadows lurked and danced carefree
Our leader wondered where Jaspeak could be
Then amongst the darkness something did shuffle
And a scream of horror he had to stifle
A very frail figure descended the stair
Seeing it was almost more than he could bear
It moved in the darkness with great ease
Though appearing to be haunted by a grave disease
Upon the arms as thin as bone
Several pus filled boils shone
The movements were spastic as if there was no control
Over the body and certainly the soul
Long, hair greasy and dark
Struck over leader as rather stark
This was not Jaspeak of that much he was sure
This was the girl from before
The king’s daughter sold to a madman
It was so overwhelming he could hardly stand
Our leader fumbled and began to reel
“My dear friend how do you feel
Is everything fine, is everything kosher
What trouble brings you back to my door?”


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