The Witch’s Memory (revisited) part five

*Part Five of The Witch’s Memory is here before a slight break tomorrow. Until then have a writeous day!*

“The veil has been lifted from my eyes
Now I am keen to all your lies
I cannot believe I once called you friend
Your actions I can no longer defend
You are a monster from head to toe
Our people shall not be a part of the evil you sew
Tell me what has brought you to this
That has led you astray and so amiss”
Said our leader with a renewed strength
Angered he let it go to such lengths
Jaspeak approached as cool as the breeze
Unburdened by being such a world class sleaze
The treble in his voice was deep and low
“I suppose it’s about time you know
Loathe is too lowly a word
To describe what I feel for the nonmagical herd
Too long have they gone unscathed
Many wars they have waged
Lives taken for an unseen glory
Spilling blood to tell their story
They are savages my friend and nothing more
Then the earth chose to settle the score
Handing gifts to the ones who should rightfully rule
If you cannot see that you are a fool
Your gifts you should have learned to embrace
To help me prove we are the master race
Side by side like brothers in arms
Casting in new magic and devious charms
See while you chose to pander those creeps
I mastered a new art while everyone sleeps
I mined it from a part of my heart
A piece of me calling to me from the very start
The darkness my friend that hides in us all
Showing me how to make the nonmagicals fall
Summonings, curses, and a trove of terrible jinx
Anything at all worse than you can think
I learned how to possess a human soul
Mold it, break it, until it surrenders control
My will running through their bone
Creating an army of my very own
I call them witches, my special breed
Making them all I could need
Vessels to hold onto my dark arts
Letting it consume the entirety of their hearts
That’s not their only use before they meet the tomb
They also have use in their vacant womb
To bear child I shall raise
To help me ser the world ablaze
I have ascended far beyond this realm
To bring forth a new era with me at the helm
No longer a wizard to come and mock
Fueled by my rage I am now a warlock
A being willing to do what it takes
To claim what is ours no matter the stakes


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