Writing Quote Wednesday


There’s that word. Fear. Ugh. I’m not a usually fearful person. Cautious sure, but fearful? Please. That is what I’d like to tell myself, however if I wasn’t then why haven’t I sent out a single query for any of my stories since December? Because I am afraid. I’m afraid of more rejection. I’m afraid of wondering if I’m good enough. I’m afraid of not hearing anything which stings worse than a blatant rejection.
I’m afraid.
I suppose fear comes with the territory when it comes to wanting to be an author. You have to open yourself up, not only on the page but to a subsection of human beings you hope to impress and form a connection with. But to do that you have to try. You have to take a chance, a step, a gravity defying bound.
All that to say at some point this week querying will resume. I feel I’ve grown as a writer. Not to mention my crocodilelike skin. LOL Hopefully you are overcoming that fear which is holding you back. Trust and believe in you. Believe in your words.
Until next time have a writeous day!


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