Writing Quote Wednesday


A word after word is progress as well. Perhaps even a bit of magic. Sometimes on the writing path, at least I may get dismayed at my output. I’ve always been a slow writer. The ideas churning in my head are bouncing off the walls, and my pens have their hands up like “Okay, settle down everyone. You’re going to get down here one at a time.” You’ll read about how such and such author is putting out a thousand, fifteen hundred, five thousand words a day, then a shameful depression wraps itself around you. However you have got to realize progress is progress. You can bust out however many words you want but if you don’t make writing your habit it still won’t go anywhere.
Daily writing has been my goal this year. So far I’m pleased to say I have lived up to that. They may not be great writing days, however I can say with each word the end is so much closer than it was before. Do you have a writing goal? Are you keeping up with it? I’d love to know 🙂
Well let me get back to my actual writing. Until next time have a writeous day!


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