The Witch’s Memory part twelve

*I apologize for the delay but here is the next part of The Witch’s Memory! I hope you enjoy and until next time have a writeous day!*

The boy was ready to walkout of her life
Her heart conflicted and filled with strife
“Wait,” she hollered as well as she could
Still loud enough to wake the wood
“Don’t leave in such a huff
I was giving you a bit of guff
My name is Jaspeak I was born here
That is why these woods offer me no fear
Don’t run off just like that
I’ll tell you that I’d like to chat
It’s not easy to be me
To be expected to be more than you see
Perhaps we can meet where we are
Beneath the point of the highest star
The one so bright and easy to seek
Maybe we can greet each other every other week?”
There was a hopeful glint within her gaze
And an eyebrow the boy did raise
A smile creased his charming face
A serene calm washing between the space
“I shall do my best,” the boy did say
“Until we meet another day.”
Then the boy headed off to the unknown
Jaspeak’s admiration for him clearly having grown
Right then she thought of her mom and dad
It was going on late and they’d surely be mad
So she ran back at a brisk pace
Well aware of the consequences she would face
Two days stuck at home she did recieve

A fair and lenient punishment she did believe
Late that night the girl began to dream
About the strange, mysterious teen
A fortnight could not come fast enough
She could show him all types of stuff
She’d show him how to conjure fire and ice
Possibly show him the Falls of Thrice

A place of legends steeped in truth
Or made to believe so from mouths uncouth
The thought of doing something so free
Filled her with incredible glee
But she managed to wait as well as she could
Before she reentered the wood
She made her way back to the very same spot
Amongst the trees nestled in a knot
Jittery butterflies fluttered in her guts
She began to wonder if she was nuts
To wait on a boy she met on a whim
Or to think she might be harboring affections for him
She pounded her head at her stupidity
Also wondering where he could be
As she was readying to call it quits and head back
A twig broke the silence with a deafening crack
Jaspeak turned her head to the sound
Then her heart did indeed bound
As the boy, Roland, stepped out of the darkness
Smiling brightly while his hair was a mess


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