Writing Quote Wednesday


Have you ever felt like no one wants to read this story? Like only I’m going to get half the stuff that I wrote? Is this you? Well if it is I say welcome to the club. One rejection I got basically said my story Beyond Here was unique, inventive, and sounded fun…but was a little too weird for the person’s audience.
I write what I want to read. A lot of times you can browse your local bookstore or Amazon will suggest other offerings, and you’ll see the same idea dressed in a different cover. Go on, try it. I’ll wait.
Did you do it? No, because you already know the truth? That’s my good little inkslayer 😛 There’s nothing wrong with being unique. If you try to write for what’s popular now you’ll be behind the curve. By the time what you finish is ready for the masses people will say “Ugh! Not another one!”
Each book that started off a trend was doing something no one else was doing at that time. It’s not just they’re a better writer or they’re online presence is leaps and bounds greater. A lot of times it’s just well…timing. Even if you’re ahead of a trend that could still be great for you. I’m sure The Vampire Diaries can thank Twilight for a lot of its success although it started well before the fad began.
So write on my friends. Tell the story you want and make it amazing. And until next time have a writeous day!

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