Writing Quote Wednesday


I think about this a lot because none of the stories I write are…well, normal. There’s hardly anything I can compare them to from concept. A few times I brought up how an agent LOVED the story but it would be a really tough sell. Because of this I’m leaning more towards self-publishing at some point. The dream still is and will be to be traditionally published, but until that happens I will continue to query and seek other means of publication.
Strange is needed in the world. Uniqueness is a must. I don’t like cookie cutter stories where you know how the end will come because you’ve read it a thousand times before. So my job is to make my world as believable as possible. Yes that means in my stories you may have an emotional attachment to a flower that talks and sings songs about flying hippos dancing with very formal iguanas. And as ridiculous as that sounds it is my job, my burden, to bring that audacity to life.
Anyone else out there enjoy bucking trends? I can’t be the only one 🙂
Well the job that keeps a roof over my head calls so until next time have a writeous day!


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