My Writing Week September 14th – 20th


Aaahhhh! Another week down, another goal to set. It was a busy week writeous ones. Unfortunately that means not fully meeting my goal. For the week I managed around 3500 words in Nytemares and Dreamscapes. Close to the 5000 mark but not what I intended. This week is focus and sacrifice as the goal remains 5000 new words. Can I do it? I shall. I speak it, and I’ll live it 🙂



Took the kids to the library this weekend and well,…we walked out with way more books than intended. LOL But I’m so glad I have two children who enjoying reading and being nerdy. If nothing else goes right in my life at least I’ll have that knowledge.
Right now I’m finishing up Alabaster by Caitlin Kiernan. Such an amazing and dark read. I find myself not wanting the story to end. I want to stay in this world of vengeful monsters, angels with ulterior motives, and young Dancy, the albino child hitman of mercy. Yes, it’s my type of story.


I started listening to The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowling. Only three discs in and already I can tell I’m going to love it. J.K. is a straight up master of storytelling. Oh to be her for but a moment.
So excuse me while I indulge my author fantasy for a bit as I wish you a good bye until next time. Until then have a writeous day!


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