My Writing Week September 29th – October 5th


Well it’s another week writeous minions! I hope yours went tremendously tremendous 🙂 Me? Oh I uh… didn’t quite make my 5000 word goal. Last week I only managed just over 3000. Boo. Hiss. Razzing. Le sigh, I did my best but life managed to quell my writing. However no more excuses. I started thinking how amazing it would be to finish Nytemares and Dreamscapes by Christmas. It’s not like it’s not within my grasp, but I’ve never finished a book that quick.
So my writing goal this week is 5000 new words. My editing goal is a chapter every other day for Beyond Here. And to query an agent each week. Lofty? Nah. Busy? Yeah. LOL


To help me along the path of productivity I downloaded the app featured above called Coffitvity. The app simulates the white noise of chatty coffee shop. Perhaps this will help my home writing sessions. Does anyone else out there need background noise? Share share if you have a different app for such things 🙂
I’m figuring out what to read next so for now I’m blank. Suggestions? Well I’m stealing time from work to write this and they are calling me. So until next time have a writeous day!


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