My Writing Week October 6th – October 13th


Well it’s that time again. A new week, new goals, and new words to put down. So what happened last week? Did I meet my goal? Sadly the answer is no. A rousing flurry last night brought me to a total of nearly 4000. Still well short of my goal but a good effort. This week I say I up the goal to 10000.
This would normally be much too lofty for me. However this week I’m on a staycation. When else should I set a high goal for myself? We’ll see how this goes. Just keep writing!



It seems I have a thing for authors named Caitlin this week. Im starting to read Blood Oranges by Caitlin Kiernan under her pen name of Kathleen Tierney, and I’m listening to The Iron Thorn by Caitlin Kittredge. After reading Alabaster from Kiernan I fell in love with her writing and scoured my library for more from her. Blood Oranges is the first to come in.
Similarly with Kittredge I read her graphic novel Coffin Hill and it had the same effect. I can’t wait to jump into both of these stories.


My graphic novel of the week is Wonder Woman Volume 4: War. From DC’s New 52 line up there has been no book, even, Batman that can touch Wonder Woman. Before this I hardly touched this title. Now it is steeped so deeply in mythology that one can hardly not take notice. This is the platform Diana needs to express her true power. Yes, I am fanboying a bit 🙂
Well I think I should stop blathering on. Writing needs to happen, so until next time have a writeous day!


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