Writing Quote Wednesday


There are times when I can’t formulate the words. I know they’re there but I can’t get a grasp on them. Most times we call this writer’s block. I call it wasting my time.
Writing has been a passion of mine since I could read. All manner of ideas and stories come to mind. Even those outside of my comfort zone. Recently I wrote “The End” on the Nisa Sass project. This story has romance, elements of erotica, and paranormal pieces. All of this is not my comfort level. Yet I can’t wait to jump into the next part of the journey.
We sabotage ourselves with doubts. We compare to the market. We allow ourselves to be content in our sandbox. But if we take that leap into the unknown we can better ourselves, better our writing.
Because of the Nisa Sass project I feel more confident with my own style and voice. It was refreshing to do something different and be happy with the result. Sure it can be punched up a lot in editing but my confidence wouldn’t have grown if I did not try. So take that away dear reader.
Until next time have a writeous day!


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