In The Patch

*I got it in! LOL Hope you have had a wonderful Halloween. Here the next piece to Pumpkin Jack. Enjoy!*

“A few new pumpkins for my patch
A family no one can match
To fill the void of what I lack
A new family for ol’ Pumpkin Jack.”
The sing songy tone woke Sarah from her slumber although she hung somewhere between dreams and reality. The stench of rotten fruit and vegetables like compost left to the summer sun punched her in the gut, snatching her air. Where was she? How had she gotten here? The last thing she remembered was hearing a noise, a knocking knocking knocking, that awakened her. Her husband went to check on the noise, the oh so rude intruder at their door. Then there was nothing. Nothing but the black. The black and the screams.
The sounds came back to her in waves. One crushing wave after the next brought the sound of her children screaming to her. Remembering the sound anchored her into reality, a reality where her children needed her. She tried to move but her body felt numb. Her mind told her legs to move but they refused to cooperate.
“Maggie! Josh!” Their names exploded from her throat in wet squelches that left her hoarse. It felt as if someone doused her throat with gasoline and dropped a match. Her brain again sent the order to her hands to touch the offending part of her, but they would not listen.
“Bury them deep so they can take root
Feed them well to make them pretty to boot
Watch them grow up big and strong
Just as thick as my vines.”
Melissa opened her eyes with a scream of her own. The action was like pulling tape off of her eyes. Her nerves were set ablaze. She blinked the scales away from her vision. With all the pain she managed to see where she was for the first time. It was a pumpkin patch, wide and alive with bright orange vegetation. A moon hung overhead, jaundiced and gigantic.
“One, two, three
For my family
No need to wait for the wedding ring
All we need to do is sing
Sing a song till the sun turns black
That is what’s best for the family of Pumpkin Jack.”
She called out to her children again to no answer. Why couldn’t she move? Panic gripped her. Her heart felt as if it were beating in a hollow shell. What was this hell? She looked again. These pumpkins were huge. Almost…human sized. If only she could move she could see better. See for herself.
But that would have to wait.
The owner of the rhymes stepped out of the vines. She nearly choked on the screams as she saw the tall, lurching figure in the long dark coat. Its head was waxy, black like candles of onyx. Blue flame lit the triangle slit eyes and the jagged mouth. It smiled at her.
“Nowhere to run you’re here to stay
It cannot be any other way
You are my wife that’s easy to see
This is the home where you are meant to be.”
He approached and took her hand. She felt the cool, wetness of his touch, and inhaled the earthy aroma of his breath. He lifted the hand for her to see. It was turning orange. Her normally pale pallor was light orange and getting hard like…the skin of a pumpkin.
“You will be mine
That will be just fine
I’ve taken you and you will never go back
You’ll forever be the bride of Pumpkin Jack.”


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