My Writing Week November 10th- 16th


It’s that time again writeous ones. If you’ve been following along this NaNoWriMo I made the daily goal of 850 new words a day. Sadly I’m here to say I’m slightly behind by roughly a day. I’ve managed to produce 5,223 new words on Fell, the sequel to The Nisa Sass story I had been working on. Also I decided the series will be titled The Nisa Sass Chronicles, and the first story will be Indigo Roses.
There’s no excuse to be behind, and yesterday I decided to take the day off to take the kids to see Big Hero 6, which you haven’t taken your own kids or yourself for that matter stop reading this and go. This post will be here later. But I’m sure I can make up the time 🙂
Speaking of that I should go. Writing waits for no man. Until next time have a writeous day!


One thought on “My Writing Week November 10th- 16th

  1. Writing also waits for no woman. 🙂
    Congrats on choosing a series title. Having something concrete to identify your work is invaluable. Back in college, my film partner and I named our characters first. Our prof praised us; now that we knew who they were, we could get to know them.

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