My Writing Week (December 8th – 15th)


It’s that time again, to check in and see where I’m at and where you all are 🙂 Last week I realized I didn’t set a goal. Shame on you writeous ones for not reminding me. LOL It was a good writing week however. With NaNoWriMo over I jumped back into Nytemares and Dreamscapes. I’m happy to be back in that world, and with the words coming to me. Also I wrote some new lines in The Witch’s Memory. This has led me to think about reposting older lines as a lead up to the new ones.
Sometimes it feels like I have way too many stories going on at once. It gets hard to separate one story from the next, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. How else would I manage to get all the ideas I have out of my head? Is anyone else working on multiple stories or genres? How do you keep it all together?
This week I’m finishing up reading Revival by Stephen King. Loving it so far. The test will be the ending which in most cases is where me and Mr. King have a falling out. LOL I love the man but his endings leave me wanting many of times. When I finish I’ll be reading Prototype by M.D. Waters. This is the sequel to Archetype which came out last year. It’s a sci fi/ dystopian/ romance/ thiller, and more than anything is amazing. If you have read the first one check it out now I say 🙂
Before I forget, my goal for this week is 4000 new words in Nytemares and Dreamscapes. An achievable goal considering I’ll be dabbling in other projects as well. Until next time have a writeous day!


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