My Writing Week (December 22nd – December 28th)


Wow! It’s three days before Christmas already 🙂 Any other writeous ones truly excited for this time of year? It’s my favorite holiday by far. Time with family, prepping dinner, twenty four hours of A Christmas Story running on the tv. Aaahhhh. So great. Anyway, I managed to meet my goal of another 5000 new words in Nytemares and Dreamscapes. With the holiday season in full effect I may need to pare down my usual amount to 3000.
I’ve been listening and talking to some other writers who are taking a break until after the holidays. But you have to know yourself. If I took a writing break it would take me a long time to get back in the groove, so a writing vacation is never in the cards for me. Does anyone else have this problem? Probably not, right? LOL
Oh well, let me allow you to get back to your holiday preparations and tidings of good cheer. Until next time have a Merry Christmas and a writeous day!


2 thoughts on “My Writing Week (December 22nd – December 28th)

  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to both you and your family! Best of luck in your writing, but you wont need it… You always seem to maintain the goals you set. I admire that! Looking forward to reading your posts as always!


    1. And a merry Christmas and fabulous new year to you too 🙂 I wish it was easy to hit these goals but hopefully next year will be easier. Hopefully… LOL Have a great one and thank you so much for following along 😀

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