My Writing Week (January 12th – 18th)


Hello writeous minions! Once again it’s tome for an update 🙂 As you may know I’m taking part in the #1KADayChallenge where you write 1000 new words each day, well, minus my weekends. So in total that’s 5000 words a week and 20000 a month. Whelp, I’m a day behind. Boo. Hiss.
I know, I know. It’s been a crazy week. To manage the words I did I’m proud, because that means this is a lifestyle for me. Where ever I am I’m writing. It’s not a choice anymore.
One thing I took from 2014 was that I’m not an aspiring writer. I’m a writer. Being a writer is who I am. Even if I’m never traditionally published I am a writer.
Does anyone else feel this way? You should 🙂
Well I have to get started on writing if I’m going to catch up. Until next time have a writeous day!


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