The Witch’s Memory (revisited) part three

A heaviness perched upon his shoulder
Making him appear several years older
She snuggled in his arms, her eyes aimed to the lowering sun
Her mind wondering what it was that had been done
What had been done to cause her father this woe
The answer her curiosity had to know
“Well your great- great-grandfather Jaspeak,”
He father did speak
“Was a great wizard beyond any compare
So much so it was considered unfair
To those without any kind of magic
In fact their lives seemed rather tragic
Because of Jaspeak we had no worries about being fed
From his magic we learned how to heal when we bled
We could create fire with the flick of the wrist
And that is only the beginning of his achievement list
Almost everything we have, food and supply
Came because a man named Jaspeak did try
Meanwhile outside of this land we call home
The spirit of pestilence did roam
Touching the crops, the water, and folks’ health
With all that combined it touched the kingdom’s wealth
The king at the time was no better than a pauper
All of his gold reduced to a handful of copper
Desperate the king came to us on bended knee
Making a most generous plea
For us to stop watching them suffer
He had very little to offer
In exchange for crops and fresh water
He would provide us more land and his first daughter
For most of us folk his offer was far too generous
All he had to do was ask, no need for all this
Jaspeak however thought otherwise
He didn’t care for the ungifted’s cries
Deep in his heart these people he did loathe
No matter how hard the people strove
For peace, love and unity
To him this was not how it was supposed to be
Jaspeak was all too aware of their plight
Considered it a plague to rid the world of this blight
Magical folk were superior he thought in his head
And he considered this the reason he had been bred
To bring his people into the dawning of a new age
Where he would be crowned most wise and sage
He’d build castles on the bones of the unfortunate
His place in history already set
He convinced our leader to take the deal
His plot beginning to churn its wheel
The did retrieve his firstborn
Who was lovely if not a bit forlorn
Wouldn’t you be if you were found in her predicament
No more than a commodity meant to be spent
A royal made to be a bargaining chip
So it was understandable she had a tremble in her lip
Jaspeak claimed the girl as his own
his plans for her laid unknown
But no one would dare question a wizard so great
That is until it was much too late
Back to his home went Jaspeak and his unwilling bride
His heart swollen with unearned pride
Pride in doing what he felt right
A course of action to bring his people to the light
You see my sweet dear
The sold princess had need to fear
Jaspeak wanted to create the dark art
Of curses, jinxes. It was his plan from the start
And the lovely young girl would be his practice
A litmus test for his dark magic
So our folk went along with the deal
And soon the non magical folk began to heal
From the troubles that plagued them so
But how were they to know
That their troubles were far from an end
If they had known they would have began to fend
To protect themselves from the troubles that loomed
Perhaps then they may not have been doomed
For several years the truce between us seemed great
We were devoid of harm and devoid of hate
We could call our non magical brethren friend
The lines between enemy and friend started to blend
Then one day as the non magicals were reaping their wheat and hay
They found their crops withered and reeking of decay
This was the first time they had been met with woe
Since the deal had been struck so long ago
The non magicals cried out about what had befallen them
With winter approaching things may turn grim
Our leader befuddled by this new predicament
“Something happened. Magic awry it went
Our own crops are fine and doing quite well
Why this happened to you I don’t know what to tell
We’ll seek for you an answer to this
No stone unturned until we find what’s amiss.”
This soothed over our relations
And the king’s people went back to their vocations
As the non magicals went about their life
Our leader sought to end the pending strife
What better way to find a solution to the matter
Than to seek Jaspeak for a little chatter
Our leader sought out the great magician
Hoping he’d play the part of magical physician
He marched over to the wizard’s home
To find Jaspeak waiting on his porch alone
Out leader wished to ask about the king’s girl
Curious to the answers that would unfurl
But a greater matter rested at hand
A matter that would effect the land
To his surprise the situation was known to Jaspeak
A solution he already did seek
He told our leader to go about his way
Perhaps he’d have a solution by the end of the next day
This pleased our magical lord
Those actions were the reason Jaspeak was adored
Happy that Jaspeak was hard at work
He felt there’d be an answer to this murk
Then the next day came as the sun did rise
And more complaints were brought to our leader’s surprise
This time the king was a part of the company
Our leader said “What bring you to see me?”
The king could not hide his countenance
“It seems we’ve been plagued by a new circumstance
This has nothing to do with the deal we’ve made
But we’ve exhausted options, unheard went what we prayed
Gone mad every animal has
They hiss, growl and even spazz
Their eyes glow garnet red
They gnash and bite, and don’t crave to be fed
All they do is run crazed and wild
Just the other day a wolf bit a child
This child fell ill and rabid as well
Quite a situation as you can tell
For now the young one is locked in the tower
As you can imagine this all has been rather dour
We can not begin to eat such beasts
For fear of becoming the same at least
We have little to offer in way of wage
Any help at all would be so sage.”
Our leader waved away this jest
“We will all do our best
Something strange is happening in this land
An answer to this is what I demand
Take back to your castle an eased heart
Jaspeak will know just where to start.”
The king and his folk bid ado
Now that this conversation was through
Our leader sought out Jaspeak once again
Hoping with his wisdom he’d know where to begin
The sun gave way to the night’s pearl eye
Our leader felt dismayed yet he didn’t know why
He knocked on the door for the wizard Jaspeak
Instead of strongly the knock came meek
Strong or not the knock was heard
And Jaspeak wore a grin like a cat who’d caught a fat bird


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